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With pleasure, Geofumadas offers you the Z! Content service, so you can have a space to promote your products or services, and pay only for potential customers.

If you want to sell, we offer the service to look for customers for your business.

The service is now available, and works as follows:

1. Select the type of service you are interested in.

You choose how many valid prospects you want to get.

In the following links you can make the payment and download the following procedure:

15 leads, $3 [paiddownloads id=”37″]


45 leads, $8 [paiddownloads id=”38″]


90 leads, $15 [paiddownloads id=”39″]

More than 90 customers, contact us.

2. It is advertised for free on our site.

Send us a content of up to 1000 words, descriptive of your product or service, with two images. No external hyperlinks. As long as the number of valid customers is not completed, the article will be promoted on the home page in the spaces with the highest visibility of Geofumadas.

The following example is how the form will be inserted for leads.

[contact-form-7 id=”20760″ title=”Client1″]

3. Gets potential customers.

We will place a form on the site, so that customers interested in your product send samples of interest in your products or services.

The content will be stored in an electronic sheet, to which you will have access, as shown in the image. You will receive an email each time a user completes the form. A gmail account is required.

Once the total paid leads has been reached, your article can continue on the site. You will be able to renew another number of leads.

Potential clients are those who entered information through which it was possible to contact them (mail, telephone). Those that prove to be spam will not be counted.

Sell ​​more now.

[contact-form-7 id=”20754″ title=”ClientesZContent”]

If you have inquiries about the service, please do not hesitate to contact us. editor (at)

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