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UTM coordinates in google maps

Google is perhaps a tool that we live with almost weekly, not to think that every day. Although the application is widely used to navigate and move through addresses, it is not so easy to view coordinates of a specific point, nor in geographical format, much less coordinates UTM in google maps

This article, apart from showing you how to visualize the coordinates in Google Maps, will teach you to become an expert in visualizing those coordinates in Excel, convert them to UTM and even draw them in AutoCAD.


Utm coordinates on google maps

In the previous display, a Google Maps view appears, with the necessary options to locate a position. You can enter a specific address at the top, or the name of a city, or by searching through the list found in the upper right display.

Once selected, the map is located at the selected address.

We can click anywhere on the map, and we display an indicator of the coordinate in decimal format and also sexagesimal (degrees, minutes and seconds).

As you can see, the decimal coordinate 19.4326077, -99.133208. It means 19 degrees above the equator and 99 degrees from the Greenwich meridian, to the west, so it is negative. In the same way, this geographical coordinate is equivalent to latitude 19º 25 ′ 57.39 ″ N, longitude 99º 7 ′ 59.55 ″ W. The upper part shows the UTM coordinate X = 486,016.49 Y = 2,148,701.07 which corresponds to the 14 zone in the northern hemisphere.

Ready. With this you have learned to locate a point on Google Maps and know its UTM coordinate.

How to save several coordinates of Google Maps.


Previously, it has been explained how to visualize individual points, both its geographical coordinate and its coordinate in Universal Traverso de Mercator (UTM).

If we want to save several points on Google Maps and visualize them in an Excel file, then we must follow this procedure.

  • We entered Google Maps, with our Gmail account.
  • In the left menu we select the option “Your places”. Here the points that we have labeled, routes or maps that we have saved will appear.
  • In this section we choose the “Maps” option and create a new map.




As you can see, there are several functionalities here for creating layers. In this case, I have created the 6 points of the vertices and also the polygon. Although the functionality is simple, it allows you to change the color, style of the point, description of the object and even add an image to each vertex.


So you move to the area of ​​your interest and draw the layers that you think are necessary. It can be a layer for the vertices, another layer for the terrain polygons and another layer for the buildings, if you are going to draw them.

Once finished, to download it, select the three vertical dots and save it as a kml / kmz file, as shown in the following image.

The kml and kmz files are the formats of Google Maps and Google Earth in which the coordinates, routes and polygons are stored.

Ready. You have learned how to save different points in Google Maps and download them as a kmz file. Here's how to display these coordinates in Excel.

How to see Google Maps coordinates in Excel

A kmz is a set of compressed kml files. So the easiest way to unzip it is like we would with a .zip / .rar file.

As shown in the following graphic, we might not see the file extension. To do this, we must do the following:


  • The option to see the extension of the files is activated, from the "View" tab of the file explorer.
  • The extension is changed from .kmz to .zip. To do this, a soft click is made on the file, and the data after the point is modified. We accept the message that will appear, which tells us that we are changing the file extension and that it could make it unusable.
  • The file is uncompressed. Right mouse button, and select "Extract to...". In our case, the file is called “Geofumed Classroom Land”.

As we can see, a folder was created, and right inside you can see the kml file called “doc.kml” and a folder called “files” that contains the associated data, generally images.

Open KML from Excel

Kml is a format popularized by Google Earth / Maps, which was before the Keyhole company, hence the name (Keyhole Markup Language), therefore, it is a file with an XML structure (eXtensible Markup Language). So, being an XML file it must be able to be viewed from Excel:

1 We changed its extension from .kml to .xml.

2. We open the file from Excel. In my case, that I am using Excel 2015, I get a message if I want to see it as an XML table, as a read-only book or if I want to use the XML source panel. I select the first option.

3 We search the list of geographic coordinates.

4 We copy them to a new file.

And voila, now we have the Google Maps coordinates file, in an Excel table. In this case, starting from row 12, in column U appear the names of the vertices, in column V the descriptions and the latitude / longitude coordinates in column X.

So, with copying the X columns and the AH column, you have the objects and coordinates of your Google Maps points.

Interested in something else?

Convert coordinates from Google Maps to UTM.

Now, if you want to convert those geographic coordinates that you have in the form of decimal degrees of latitude and longitude to a format of projected UTM coordinates, then you can use the template that exists for that.

What are UTM coordinates?

UTM (Universal Traverso Mercator) is a system that divides the globe in 60 zones of 6 degrees each, transformed in a mathematical way to resemble a grid projected on an ellipsoid; such as is explained in this article and in this video.

As you can see, there you copy the coordinates shown above. As a result, you will have the X, Y coordinates and also the UTM Zone marked in the green column, which in that example appears in Zone 16.

Send the coordinates of Google Maps to AutoCAD.

In order to send the data to AutoCAD, you just have to activate the multipoint command. This is in the “Draw” tab, as shown in the drawing on the right.

Once you have activated the Multiple Points command, copy and paste the data from the Excel template, from the last column, to the AutoCAD command line.

With this, your coordinates have been drawn. To view them, you can Zoom / All.

You can buy the template with Paypal or credit card. Acquiring the template gives you the right to support by email, in case you have a problem with the template.


Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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    Google Maps requires coordinates in decimal format so you have to convert your UTM coordinates to display it.

    Convert the UTM coordinates at my website - and you can google maps to display them.

    Alternatively, if you have multiple locations to display, you can place them on Google Maps using QUICK MAP tool on the same site.

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