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CAD / GIS applications for surveying


Using topography with MicrostationModelotinenmicrostationsite.jpg
Using topography with other CAD / GIS programsDesktop-box.jpg
Between Topography and Google Earth
Tricks with Excel and other deadly programs  Rumbos-y-distancias-cuadro.jpg
Resources, manuals, training and events.
Total stations, GPS and other equipmentEstacion-total.jpg
Other articles that mention Topography 
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  1. I am so happy to be able to see all that they offer, and that I can not participate in all their levels, by means of my economic situations, since with all these tools, I would perfect many

  2. On the law of someone who states that the .sp3 files (precise esfemeris) can be transferred to Rinex through the BERNESE software. THE QUESTION IS IT POSSIBLE? And if possible from where I download the software. I entered asu page this is the link: However I have not found the installer. Someone could help me to clarify if this is possible or not.- FROM ANTE HAND THANK YOU TO ALL.

  3. good day. Can someone tell me how I can update the sokkia link or what program they recommend for a sokkia station set530r
    Thank you

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