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Sun buys MySQL for $ 1 trillion

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I told a friend about it on the chat and he just showed me a face of horror, then he mentioned some words not suitable for the web. The ad is at the top of both pages.

That's right, the company Sun that revolutionized the web with its Java language, and that lately was very involved in their Solaris equipment demonstrates that you are interested again the web when acquiring MySQL, the most popular database platform on the web.

MySQL Was a platform considered open, on which works a lot of web development with PHP and its compatibility with Apache and Linux data servers.

It is estimated that 50,000 copies of MySQL are downloaded daily, to get an idea of ​​how it is positioned in the world of Web2.0. With this acquisition, Sun will try to compete with Oracle, Microsoft (SQLserver), which at this point are quite positioned.

Of course, the sum is horrendous, a billion dollars... if it was a quasi-open and collaborative application, it's not bad. Although the money will not be for all the thousands of developers who supported this development, of course. Something similar could happen with Wordpress, Wikipedia or other applications that grow due to their availability of collaboration, although the money from a sale will go to those privileged in the initial idea.

Vía: Directions Magazine

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