GvSIG: 21 CAD tools

A frequent weakness in GIS specialty programs is their limitation in constructing data with the ease offered by CAD-oriented tools. Little by little the gap is narrowing, although it is questionable whether it has been the GIS that has improved its construction capabilities or the CAD that has implemented geospatial variants such as Bentley Map and AutoCAD Map.

gvSIG 1.9 has made almost literal copies of the most used AutoCAD tools, even in the order that the text line is executed in at least 21 commands. The Marked in red Are news of the Stable 1.9 version, They have not included those that this version maintains in the edition bar, that seem to be of selection.

1 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Line
2 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Polyline
3 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Circle
4 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Autocomplete
5 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Link
6 Autocad gvsig commands image Die
7 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Trim
8 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Copy
9 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands MOVER
10 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Rotate
11 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Climb
12 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Mirror
13 Autocad gvsig commands Edit vertices
14 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Exploit
15 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Sweaters, Jerseys and Cardigans
16 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands bow
17 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Polygon
18 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Ellipse
19 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Hole
20 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands Rectangle
21 Autocad gvsig commands Autocad gvsig commands To stretch
22   Autocad gvsig commands Multipoint
23 Autocad gvsig commands   Multiline
24 Autocad gvsig commands   Xline
25 Autocad gvsig commands   Hatch
26 Autocad gvsig commands   Insert Block
27 Autocad gvsig commands   Text
28 Autocad gvsig commands   Parallel
29 Autocad gvsig commands   Extender
30 Autocad gvsig commands   Prolong
31 Autocad gvsig commands   fillet
32 Autocad gvsig commands   Delete
The first 14 (1 to 14) were on my list of 25 most used commands.
Some of them are not exactly the equivalent, like:

-make / block
- edit vertex / pedit
-autovolley / boundary

The following 8 (15 to 22) have been integrated by gvSIG, although they were not on my priority list.

The latest 9 (23 to 31) were on my list and have not been considered by gvSIG. Let's see that most of these don't make sense in GIS because they are attributes of objects, for example:

-Insert Block

It can be considered a significant contribution of gvSIG to have integrated this series of tools, with the AutoCAD work logic. In practice, I have seen technicians build with this tool, although many of them for massive cadastral surveys prefer to work with a CAD tool, create a polygon and then bring them to gvSIG; most of them tell me that it is because on Java the work is always slow.

On the other hand, for cadastral maintenance, once topologies have been uploaded to PostGis, it makes no sense to extract the data and edit it in a CAD tool; and then these tools become useful. Although for large amounts of data, it always affects the consumption of Java resources.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  2. Bravo !!!, if it works. This is perfect. . . or almost perfect, there is a problem there, it is with an .ecw, when activating the enhancement (RASTER PROPERTIES–> ENHANCEMENT–> ACTIVATE), the program starts the calculations, but stays in the process, it never seems to finish.
    On the other hand, I can't find the option "convert polygons to points", does anyone know where they are?

  3. Go, it seems that you have to go more often around this page, thanks to Diego and gvSIG3D for the data, I'll verify and then comment.


  4. Hello,

    I pass a link regarding the bug that is being commented on in windows 7 and gvsig when trying to access a raster file [1]. The new build of gvSIG 3D overwrites the libraries that were giving problems in win 7 and win Vista. The development is still in the testing phase, so the feedback from the community is very important.

    A greeting.


  5. Mmm !, well I did not expect such an awkward response from an expert on this, anyway, I still need your help, could you support me? Is about supervised and unsupervised sextant classification. Is there a way to contact you?

  6. Well, a shame. Good luck in what you will do, surely you have resolved the way to solve the problem.

  7. g!: It's useless, I installed the version of SEXTANTE that you mentioned here, but you can't know if it works or not, since when you try to load any raster the “STABLE” gvsig 1.9 simply crashes; closes and notifies you of an error. It is unfortunate that they add more and more functions to the program, but the ones that were good stop working. . .
    I have not tried the version of gvsig 1.9 in windows xp or vista, but with win 7, it simply does not give one. WHAT A PITY!

  8. A thousand thanks g !, I now release it and prove it. The problem that you commented that happened to you is not my case, with everything, thanks for orienting me.

  9. The version of SEXTANTE should be downloaded here


    Is the 0.3.0 build 1232 version.

    I had two problems at the beginning:
    The first is that I had downloaded SEXTANTE from the OSOR Forge repository and the other was because I had not uninstalled the Alpha version of gvSIG 1.9 and when it was launched it was raised again, I do not know if that will be your problem.

  10. I agree with “ERROR”, if you install SEXTANTE, the “stable” gvsig 1.9 simply crashes. I also have WIN 7

    ** g! Is there a version of SEXTANTE that pulls with gvsig stable 1.9, you could guide me what is ?.

    By the way, several of the news that announce in this version (stable 1.9), I do not appear anywhere.

  11. Well, I'm up to the gvsig cap. I fail when I enter raster in gvsig 1.9 stop stopping new things and dedicate themselves to stability !!!!

  12. You must download the version of SEXTANTE that notified the community. Should not fail

  13. A free software program that handles cad. Very interesting. I wish someone could work on a CAD-oriented tool for architects.



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