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Tutorial to create a mosaic map service

Portablemaps presents us one of the best tutorials I've seen, made to pure javascript and html; The most interesting thing is that it presents the final product, but it shows how it is done step by step ... all from a single click and without being a depth tutorial, rather for people who learn easily by seeing how it is done.

FireShot capture # 219 - 'GIS Forum - Tiled Map October 11, 2007' - www_portablemaps_com_tiledmap_html

It is best that you let it load, and play with the icons of the vertical panels, the zoom and then consider that in the left frame is the explanation how to do it ... it is worth it.

Among the contents of the left menu are:

Introduction.  This section deals with the most important thing to know and links to how to know mainly about HTML, Javascript and GIS

Layer creation  This section shows how to define the levels of approach and structure of directories.

Map planning.  Here he talks about how to define the sizes of the mosaic images, what will be shown and the signage.

image Doing the mosaic.  This section shows what criteria can be used in the nomenclature to name the mosaic images, either with ArcGIS, Maptitude or Manifold.

Website Fundamentals. Here is the basics of Javascript and the DOM, events and handling of div's.

image  Java Script.  This section goes directly to create functionality, offset, zoom and interlayer events.

AJAX.  Some examples of what can be done with AJAX, to improve interaction.

image The final product.  This shows how the product looks if all the steps and recommendations are followed.

Final touches.  How the image update would be handled.



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