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Geofumadas is a site with its own hosting, access to access IP, network or service provider (PSI) are the only data that can be known for statistical purposes important in the knowledge of countries where the visits and servers come from of Internet access.

It is also possible to store the time of access to the web, and is usually used to know more busy schedules, make adjustments to avoid saturation and know the best times to publish new content.

It is also possible to store the address of a link site, whose click made it to this page, be it a search engine or a hyperlink, this is usually useful to know the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns or the sites that more visits cause.

The number of visitors, whether with services such as Awstats or Google Analytics, allows you to know the growth of a page and find that users, depending on the keywords they arrive with content relevant to them.

All this information is anonymous and can not be associated with a specific user.


This page uses Google AdSense as an alternative to monetization, this system uses cookies to ensure conversions within certain times under the Privacy Policy, Program Policy, terms and Conditions of Google AdSense and to give guarantee of services to your advertisers or future applications. Google AdSense requires that a document be published that reflects the privacy policies of the sites that offer ads on this system.

Generally browsers have the option to block the use of cookies in browsing, this is a decision of the users.


Geofumadas has a system for registering readers, known as readers. Subscribing to this system does not generate personal data to this page, however there are programs that can provide the number of subscribers that a site can have, these can be used for statistical purposes.

Geofumadas is a site managed in WordPress and works under the modalities of this content editor. The material on the site is the property of the author of Geofumadas. In some cases, content requested by a particular company or entity is published.

The contact page directs information to the owner of The comments are moderated by the owner of Geofumadas, the information that the comments require, such as email will not be published under any conditions and serves to maintain a level of security against spam and provide a better contact service.

Users registered in WordPress services can make comments while having their account open. Geofumadas undertakes to keep the personal data of users who make comments, send personal emails and communicate via contact form in total secret, it also reserves the right not to publish those that are harmful to generally accepted healthy customs.

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