What is Geofumadas

Geofumadas is a site dedicated to the promotion of initiatives in the area of ​​Information Technologies, with a focus on geomatics and its linkage to the technologies used in the CAD / CAE / GIS field.

logo (1)Hence, a large amount of the contents are based on revision exercises and the use of popularized programs for the area of ​​Engineering and Geographic Information Systems. A summary of the main topics can be seen in the contents of programs such as:

  • AutoCAD / AutoDesk
  • Microstation / Bentley Systems.
  • ArcGIS / ESRI
  • Google Earth

It is common in Geofumadas the comparison and interaction between the previous programs and internally within the same brands. A more extensive list of software that has been reviewed by Geofumadas can be See this link.

Geofumadas Theme

As an inevitable consequence of the aforementioned technologies, this site focuses on aspects related to land management such as:

Model-multilayer-4Geofumadas is also nurtured by the creation of ordinary people, so it is possible to maintain thematic themes of literary, cultural or daily content ... reminding us that we are still alive and beyond technological toys, there is time for good humor in pocket format.

Geofumadas seeks to be a contribution to knowledge management, betting on the democratization of common consultation resources in the geospatial environment. Open Source initiatives are promoted as a cutting-edge business model, as well as the lawful use of programs and content with intellectual property that has an important role in sustainability in the sector.

The conjugation of these spaces, both free and private use as an inescapable complement of sustainability in the business model represented by IT platforms, service provision and democratic systematization of formal or self-taught knowledge is promoted.

Geofumadas was part of the production generated by Cartesia.org in the initiative for the creation of blogs under the geospatial theme. Over time, the word "geofumed" has become popular in Spanish-speaking contexts, although its contents have reached a multi-language traffic, and has been indexed by Google in many languages ​​for one simple reason: the questions of how to do things are the same anywhere in the world and in any language.

So if someone searches for “aUTM coordinates in Google Earth” in Korean: Google 어스 에서 utm 좌표, in Yiddish וטם קאָואָרדאַנייץ אויף Google ערד or simply English en, it would not be strange to find Geofumadas.com in the first results.

Geofumadas Contributors

Geofumadas is founded by Golgi Alvarez in 2007 as an initiative to democratize knowledge in the area of ​​Geo-engineering. Currently Geofumadas has an associate editor in India that manages content in English and in Spain for the Spanish-speaking context.



If the content of Geofumadas has been useful, it can follow up on new topics through the following means of syndication:

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If you detect that any content of this site asserts rights of third parties, we thank you to let know to the email indicated above, reporting the link.


  1. I am interested in a microstation course v8i, including the management of 3d. You could contact me and recommend me, the course would be for 8 and 12 people


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