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Launching a blog requires discipline and pleasure, but none of this makes sense if other sites do not prefer you to post on your blogroll or tell your readers about what you write.

Just now that I review how it will be the next update of the neighborhood, these are the sites that have said something of Geofumadas, or have linked me in their Blogroll, and even plagiarized and the least I can do is send some visitors and eternalize their achievement.

Who has talked about us

image Geomatic Blog, Of the best English, Spanish and Portuguese; I earned his credit for the discipline to write, although I was caught in a publicity post ... I have sent a good traffic, especially from Spain.

image Gabriel Ortiz, With a lot of history, a lot of traffic especially in the forum. From guys talking stoned and signing in verse to innocent souls asking for pears from the Elm. Without spamming, he has brought me visits and he personally thanked me for saving him from a sure AdSense ban… someday I hope to be on his blogroll.

image GeoInformacaOnline, He has mentioned me several times and has brought me visits mainly Brazilian and Portuguese, because he writes in his language ... and we understand each other.

image Topografian (two), a topography blog with interesting links and very good photographs, dedicated a post to promote the geofumadas neighborhood and made us famous on Flickr.

imageWorldGeo, This is a great site with traffic igmenso, especially from South America, has linked me a couple of posts, and I have been asked the right to publish one of them in the magazine InfoGeo.

image Cartesia Xtrema, a blog of a sweet girl who spent an entire post analyzing her neighbors… check if you're not there because her Freud brand GPS isn't too lost… and I insist on linking her because I think she has wood

imageCartesians, the space where this blog is stored, when I was talking about how to monetize using AdSense Deluxe I dedicated a couple of lines and as I write very often, I'm always in the first row.

image Engineering in the network, a blog that smokes of the green with very well elaborated posts… it showed our neighborhood. Oh, and unlike ours, it has no advertising distractions.

image Cartesia, if you write, it sure sends you traffic for the privileged position in the general panel, if they mention you in the forum you will have specialized visits, although they are severe if your posts are weak.

image Forum Delineation, candidate for our next map of the neighborhood because it has good traffic focused on CAD topics, among others.

Who we have in the side panel

image The Txus Blog, a blog on topics of topography and geodesy… don't get caught with a lazy post because it's very frank.

image Engineering Blog, its name says, very interesting topics. I published some articles there when it started, I hope to have time and from time to time to collaborate with them as a freelancer.

image Blographos, a blog of very good taste, the chain of Geographos, for the position where I am in the blogroll brings me good visits.

geo-techno comp Geo techno comp, a blog of alumni of the course of Geo technologies ... between dot com and no dot com they have fun talking and linking.

image The world of maps, a cartography blog that takes some adjustments to the margins of the side panel but with themes under the logic of educa-blog

image Brain Area, nothing to do with geomatics but in exchange for a Euro for three months has sent me a bonche de visitas ... I recommend it!!!

Who Plagiarized Us

image Blog Enicaragua, a salad of several things, spent a few days to apply their knowledge of copy / paste although it seems they already understood how annoying this can be for the writer at night.

image Geographical engineering, A good initiative of a boy with desire to write, but without the courtesy of saying ... I was inspired somewhere in the spot that I do not remember exactly.

In my land it was said that it was not good to go in the mouths of others, but that changes in this connected world.

Oh, we forgot yours.

My Google Analytics panel recommends that you thank them for their visits and comments (not the plagiarists) :), although there are others that surely have us on your blogroll, if so you can make us know.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Yes, I really had not seen this in the comments of your blog.

    Go ahead with the blog.

  2. Also I know that you do not come some comments that are poured on our blog.

    Our blog is open, and we do not moderate the comments (it does not bother us or look bad that other blogs do) and lately there is someone who is dedicated to the issue of plagiarism between us.

    Although on second thought, it redirects our traffic ...

    Greetings and to continue with this fantastic blog.

  3. To clarify, Geomarketing Spain was never a plagiarism, rather it was an interesting reference in which there was added value.

    I could edit or delete the comment, but for now, with this clarification and the one of Jesus seems sufficient to leave it there.


  4. In 2 years, and more than 120 posts, in only one we have referred to GeoFumadas. We apologize in your day for not citing the source of geofumadas in that post, and we edit the post to include the source.

    So please, the one who believes that GeomarketingSpain plagiarizes geofumadas to make it look.

    Oh, and other blogs plagiarize me, and I do not care, I do not live for adsense or for analytics.

    greetings from geomarketingspain.

  5. You have impressed me, not only because you have done it, but also because of the interesting and practical links that you put to all of us who started in this world at our disposal. Thank you .

    By the way, I keep searching and I do not find good blocks on scuppers, well caps, luminaires, and urbanization elements to draw in an uprising.

    Forward is still like this.

    Thanks again

  6. Hello Andrew, of course it does not bother me.

    One of these days I will update the new links.

  7. Thanks for the references. You're doing a great job on this blog and a link is the least you can do.

    A greeting and success.

  8. I hope to continue on the first list ... heheheh

    The worst is the plagiarism without any indication to your site. That happens to me too.

    Success always.

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