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More problems with Manifold IMS

1 Can I mount IMS served by Manifold on a Server with Linux RedHat operating system and Apache server?

Yes it is possible to mount it on Apache, because there is a way that it supports IIS routines. But it is definitely not possible to mount it on Linux, it must be Windows.

2 I have already published an IMS service as we explained before, IIS is activated and it still does not publish me.

The message you send me is:

You are not authorized to view this page

You do not have permission to view this directory or this page with the credentials provided.

Try the following:

  • Click the Update button to try again with other credentials.
  • If you think you should be able to see this directory or this page, contact your website administrator using the email address or phone number on the localhost homepage.

HTTP 401.3 - Access denied by ACL on resource
Internet Information Services


In this case, what is missing is to give rights to the .map file, for this you have to enter:

Home / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Internet Information Services

In case the file is stored in a sub folder of Inetpub, just select it and choose the .map file


Then right-click, properties, directory and allow all rights. It is also convenient to do the same with the folder.

If the file is stored in another directory, different from the Inetpub, you must create a virtual directory.

It is done with Action / new / virtual directory .. and the wizzard is followed until it ends. Then the .map file is chosen and the properties are given.



After this you have to restart the publication of the IIS.

3 When editing the map, are the assigned rights lost?

Yes. It is a curious situation, that in case of editing the .map file that is being published, and saving the changes, the rights assigned via IIS are lost.

That is why he sends this error:

HTTP 500.100. Internal server error: ASP error
Internet Information Services

Technical information (for technical support personnel)

    * Type of error:
      Unspecified error
      / cat3 /default.asp, line 125

    * Type of browser:
      Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko / 20080201 Firefox /

    * Page:
      POST 723 bytes to /cat3/default.asp

I tried to give him rights again ... and nothing, sometimes yes, sometimes not; so it is best not to publish the file in use but one that is as a repository; for this:

Open the .map file that you want to publish, in the directory where it is stored, create the publication, test if the publication works from the browser, otherwise give it rights from the IIS administrator. Once everything works:

Place a copy of the file in the directory where the publication is being created, for example

C: \ Inetpub \ wwwroot \ cat3

Edit the address in the config.txt file

Then restart the publication in the IIS, if when opening the browser everything works:

Do not re-edit that file, but edit the original, by making changes and saving, replacing it, and restarting the IIS service. This way, the rights to the file will not be lost.

Although it seems to me somewhat depleted, in the consultation in the forum of Manifold, I have been told That is so ... for what is the way I have solved it ... I will try a program of those freeware that allow to do programmed replication routines to see if the impasse of being replaced manually resolves me.

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