Manifold GIS, a summary of the best

Manifold gis I've been a little over a year to use Manifold System, so after several post from my experience using this software, here is a summary of the best.

Georeferencing maps and images

Do not do with CAD what the GIS programs do

Georeference a map dwg / dgn

How to georeference a scanned map

Tricks and manuals

A Manual of Manifold in Spanish

How to do in Manifold what I do in ArcGIS

Events and news of Manifold GIS

Mapping the future

The Best of the Manifold Conference

Manifold improves relations with Microsoft

Making maps and perversions

Can you impress with a single map?

Connecting a map with Google Earth


Comparison between map servers (IMS)

Compare prices ESRI-Mapinfo-Cadcorp

GIS platforms, who take advantage?

Manifold Systems, a $ 245 GIS Tool

How Manifold does to stay cheap

The best advantages of Manifold is that for a low price it can do very robustly what ArcGIS Desktop, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcEditor and several of the Arc extensions do. It doesn't do everything that ESRI products do, which are prettier, but it does almost everything it does.

Disadvantages, little known and how to do things is not the conventionalism of ArcGIS, so you have to unlearn a little, The “how to do with ArcGIS and Manifold” manual helped me a lot.

For now, Manifold has to fight the battle to get out of anonymity without raising its prices in an exaggerated way ... and we all have to undermine because a giant doesn't buy it.

You can also check this link for a broader index of Manifold GIS topics touched on this site.

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