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Manifold GIS 9 ... faster

Today March 16 Manifold has made a press release, in which he talks about the priority that version 9 of his product is taking. According to what they have said, Manifold GIS 9 would be released in the first half of 2009, and Chris C.

How much would Manifold 9 cost

According to the release, the upgrade from Manifold 8 to Manifold 9 would run between $ 50 and $ 100. They have mentioned a plus for updates from previous versions, which is my case, I suppose it will go for $ 150.

It is clear that if we only have two activations available, when upgrading to 9 version you get the 5 activations ... hurray! For low-cost software.

That brings back Manifold 9

Gtx295 They haven't said much yet, except that their focus is on working with Multicore processors. Version 8 already has the functionality of operating with Nvidia Cuda cards, in which resource-consuming processes become relatively simple, making the machine not only look like a super computer but also the highly efficient software. All for exploiting the multiple processes of the hardware but applied to the development of the software.

Cpus_gpus And when I speak of efficiency of processes, I mean what they did In the demonstration in which a digital model of terrain that was slow to generate 6 minutes And when applying the shipment via multiple processes was carried out in 11 seconds only.

This is to reduce the processing time, which made him win the Geotec last year.

It seems that Manifold will focus on this, exploit the processing speed because in their statement they dedicate a lot to solving common questions regarding the video cards that version 9 will support and the low cost of Nvidia cards. It would imply not only processes but better handling of the .map format within which Manifold handles practically everything and possibly extending the potential to the publication of IMS services.

For now, wait.

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