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The Bentley Discussion Forums

Recently someone came asking where the users of Microstation, or the different Bentley applications find help.


This is a list of the different discussion forums, there the questions are asked and other users respond:

Users in other languages ​​or countries

  • bentley.espanol (Spanish)
  • (Mexico)
  • bentley.general (English)
  • (German)
  • (French)
  • (Japanese)
  • (Polish)
  • (Cheko)
  • (Taiwan)
  • (Italian)
  • (Chinese)
  • (Portuguese)

Manuals and documents

  • bentley.documentation (Documents)

Applications for Civil Engineering

  • bentley.civil.general (General civil works)
  • bentley.geopak (Geoengineering package)
  • bentley.inroads (Roads)
  • bentley.highdefsurveying (Topography)
  • bentley.microstation.civilpak (Package for Civil Engineering)
  • bentley.autopipe (Hydrosanitary Systems)
  • bentley.adlpipe (Hydro-sanitary systems)
  • bentley.acquaparla (Hydrology)
  • bentley.arenium (Civil applications)

Applications for Buildings and Architecture

  • bentley.building.general (Building Package)
  • bentley.building.speedikon (Buildings)
  • bentley.triforma (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.architectural (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.hvac (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.mep (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.structural (Layout 3D Structural)
  • (Structural Design)
  • bentley.ram.general (Structural Design)
  • bentley.ram.advanse (Advanced Structural Design)
  • bentley.ram.revitlink (Structural design Revitlink version)

Geospatial Applications (GIS)

  • bentley.geographics (GIS Applications)
  • bentley.geospatial.general (general GIS)
  • bentley.geospatial.server (GIS administration server)
  • bentley.publisher (Web publication)
  • bentley.projectwise (Controlled Administration)
  • bentley.projectwise.navigator (Controlled Administration)
  • bentley.redline (Redline Annotation)
  • bentley.googletools (Tools for google Earth)
  • bentley.geospatial.desktop (XML Administration)
  • bentley.geospatial.publishing (General web publication)
  • bentley.geospatial.communications (network analysis)
  • bentley.navigator.v8xm.earlyaccess (XM navigation)
  • bentley.navigator (Browser)
  • bentley.viecon (Visualization and publication)

Microstation forums in V7, V8 and XM versions

  • bentley.interplot (Plotting, automated printing)
  • bentley.microstation.administration (advanced management)
  • bentley.microstation.imaging (Handling images)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.dwg (V7 and dwg files)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.general (general V7)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.plotting (V7 and plotting)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.programming (V7 and programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.3d (V8 and 3 Dimentions)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.database (V8 and databases)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.dimensioning (V8 and sizing)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.dwg (V8 t dwg files)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.general (general V8)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.mdl (V8 and mdl programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.plotting (V8 and plotting)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.text (V8 and text handling)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.vba (V8 and Visual Basic programming)
  • bentley.microstation.visualization (V8 and data deployment)
  • bentley.microstation.pcstudio (Operation pcstudio)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.xmearlyaccess (XM)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.general (general XM)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.dwg (XM and dwg files)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.text (XM and text handling)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.dimensioning (XM sizing)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.database (XM and databases)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.plotting (XM and plotting)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.vba (XM and Visual Basic programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.mdl (XM and MDL programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.3d (XM and 3 Dimentions)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.dotnet (XM and .NET programming)
  • bentley.microstation.visualization.maxwellplugin (Plug-Maxwell)
  • bentley.powerdraft (Microstation economic version)
  • (Microstation economic version, Chinese)
  • bentley.view (Free file viewer dgn, dwg)

Industrial Engineering Applications

  • bentley.plant.general (Industrial plants)
  • bentley.plantspace (Plants, space management)
  • bentley.autoplant (Plants, autoplant version)
  • bentley.autoplant.structural (Plants, structural version)

Other Bentley Forums

  • bentley.announcements (Ads)
  • bentley.newtechnology (Technological news)
  • bentley.classifieds (Classified Ads)
  • (Bentley Institute)
  • (Events)

The general index of these forums is although it is a platform that is falling into disuse after Bentley launched Communities where you can do much more.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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