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The evolution of the continents in Google Earth

This is an interesting animation available in the Google Earth gallery.

It shows how the evolution of the continents has been through the many years that their current formation has meant. It is a study by Dr. Ron Blakey of Northern Arizona University and with the creative collaboration of Valery Hronusov.

Google earth animation

This is the South American continent, when it was still taking off from Africa in the late Jurassic (450 millions ago) although it seems that they were rather doing perverted acts 🙂

To visualize it you must download it from here, and this is loaded in the temporary places. The upper controls are to set the animation speed (the clock), to drive the animation manually or to run it.

Google earth continents

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  2. HOla, I no longer find in the league the animation of the evolution of the continents. If you have it, please send it to me. Greetings. Martial.

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  4. Cool 😛 cool we see how the earth was divided

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