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These days there are many pages dedicated to the topic of "how to do it", among these stands out Ikkaro, which is a website dedicated to inventions and homemade experiments, although it goes far beyond home with technological issues and links to AutoCAD Inventor or other websites to those who kindly recommend.

Although now thanks to Zync I am building this post, I remember hearing about this site some time ago when they were promoting a contest to choose the logo they now have, and seeing their statistics it seems that they have done quite well.

Content Ikkaro It is very practical, it includes videos and images that can take a student into a hurry that requires making a quick invention with an environmental protection approach, of which there are very interesting examples.  IkkaroWhile some are extremely simple like the one I show on the right, a way to recycle a CPU heatsink turned into a clipboard.

Although in content they walk quite well in their "how to" theme, in structure they could use a better hierarchy of their categories, which for the amount of content is limited. These for now are:

  • Boomerangs
  • Comets
  • Electronics
  • Home experiments
  • Engines
  • papiroflexia
  • Radio control
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Collaborative
  • Other themes

    I have been called the post attention in which it is presented how to build a rotary mechanical gyroscope, which is a similarity (in concept) of what aerial photography capture aircraft have to maintain flight lines ... well, or what they had before their modern systems controlled now by global positioning. Also interesting is the post of how completely dismantle a dot matrix printer, so that each part can be separated for recycling purposes.

    So I don't delay you anymore, I recommend you see Ikkaro and forum... and if they use a reader, it's not bad to add their feed.

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