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image KD tools started from 1919, that's quite a long time, almost 90 years and it was precisely with the invention of a valve lifter for the Ford Model T that it has continued with a very popularized wide line that provides solutions in the line known as GearWrench. ®.

This brand is well known in mechanical engineering, as instruments for manual use at different levels of specialization, for which many automotive industry technicians tend to prefer them; It is understood that the fact of being popular is a result of making the work easier, more efficient than is achieved with many years of evolution in the trend of use for such purposes ... I saw it in its advertising, then I consulted it with the mechanic of my truck, just now that I am getting to the 100,000 kilometers review and it has ratified that it is a brand that is quite accepted for its duration and warranty.

In this case, the KD 2078 compressor, known as the universal valve compressor, is useful for almost any car. This engineering design keeps the length constant while the spring is compressed, hence why it is widely used to compress the valve in parallel in order to remove it without removing the cylinder head.

Well, when looking for a spring compressor like this, or as is its translation in English Spring Compressor, there are thousands of alternatives online. So at this moment I present SJ Discount Tools, where you will find a wide catalog of products for different branches of electromechanical engineering.


The best thing about the site is to have a lot of products from different manufacturers, among them Hanson, Helicoil, Mountain, OTC, Sk hand tools, Robinar and of course KD Tools.

Once you have done a search this website is quite practical, with a shopping cart included, market prices, discounts and free shipping under certain conditions.

Each product has its manufacturer code, description, related products and above all a user rating, so if you are looking for a Spring Compressor, I recommend them.



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