GvSIG, working with LIDAR files

image For some time now, different applications to technology have been implemented LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) which consists of measuring the terrain at a distance using a laser system. According to the information in DIELMO, currently the LiDAR airborne is the most accurate technology for the generation of digital terrain models with 1 or 2m of spatial resolution of large tracts of land, with a better height accuracy of 15cm and realizing a real XYZ measurement for each square meter.

In the recent days gvSIG was presented a free extension called DielmoOpenLiDAR that incorporates gvSIG the ability to manage and view LIDAR files in .las and .bin formats, always with the intention of not killing the computer resources, while being able to visualize large volumes (hundreds of GigaBytes) of raw LiDAR data (cloud of irregular points in LAS and BIN format) overlaid with other geographic data in gvSIG.

DielmoOpenLIDAR allows to apply automatic symbology based on height, intensity and classification from the frame of the view. Once the extension is installed, you can configure the point size based on pixels, so that when you are far away you do not see a spot and as we get closer they look bigger.


Thus image When loading new layers, the necessary extension for LIDAR files can be activated.







Classification according to height:

Here this functionality is shown, see how the tree can be differentiated by height, from the construction of the natural terrain according to the properties configured for the symbolization.



 Classification according to intensity

The same view is shown in the graph, but classified by intensity according to parameters defined by the user.


This application was developed by DIELMO, from its page you can download extensions for different operating systems, user manual and source code.

At the same time, I take advantage of this company's promotion, which offers, in addition to its services, very good information about LIDAR technologies, some links to online resources and free products.

Digital terrain models Digital cartography

High precision MDT
Economic MDT (5m)
MDT + buildings (5m)
Economic MDT (10m)
Economic MDT (25m)
Free MDT (90m)
Free MDT (1000m)
MDT from its cartography

Raster cartography
1 Scale: 25.000
1 Scale: 200.000
1 Scale: 1.000.000
1 Scale: 2.000.000
Vector cartography
1 Scale: 25.000
1 Scale: 50.000
1 Scale: 200.000
1 Scale: 1.000.000
Maps in Freehand + TIF format
Maps of Spain
Maps of the world
Technical information

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