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Google Street View arrives in Guadalajara

Today the Dean has announced that in Guadalajara (from Spain and not Mexico 🙂) the Google car is spinning, so we can expect that in about three months we will have this in street views.

Hehe, it was also mentioned that some guys were looking for girls behind the car showing the breast.

For those who want to know what cities there are street views, now the pichingo that google uses for this can be dragged and thus all the available places are colored in blue. Also shown in yellow when the display contains some streetview.

street view mexico


This view shows the different countries where there is information at the street level, basically the United States, including Alaska in America, Spain, France and Italy in Europe, Australia and Japan in the east.

street view mexico 

Also now in the improvements it shows previews with a simple drag and have improved some navigation antiques among which includes the approximate address.

street view mexico


… It's fucked up… not reading well… publishing and going on a trip… hehe. It must be worse to read this last message and not understand him.


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  1. guadalajara exists, that we are like teruel, that we only go out on the news because of the frost !!!

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