GIS.XL - Add GIS functionalities to Excel

Buy here the Annual License, at a special price for Spanish speakers, with support in Spanish.

Buy here Perpetual License, at a special price for Spanish speakers, with support in Spanish.

The GIS.XL add-on is commercial software. Without an activated license, it only has limited functionality for testing purposes. You can choose between two types of license:

  • Annual license
  • Perpetual license

If you purchase an annual License, you can use the GIS.XL add-on for one year after the activation of the license. During this period, you can always install the current version. If you purchase the perpetual license, you can install and use it permanently, but only the version you purchased. A license is linked to a computer.

You can buy the GIS.XL add-on using the services of Fastspring, an e-commerce provider trusted by thousands of software companies around the world and offering secure online payments. We will receive your payment through the Fastspring secure payment gateway with Visa, MasterCard, JCB, PayPal and others.

Important information:

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 30 days of coverage after purchase. If you are not satisfied, deactivate your license and we will refund your money.

After the payment process, you will receive your license activation code in your email.

Your license is transferable between computers. You can use your license on several computers. However, you can always be active in only one of them.

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