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Geofumadas, summary of the month of May

April statistics

May left, 49 tickets made me learn some SEO tricks and post with a lot of emphasis on Bentley and Google Earth technologies because of the trip to Baltimore.


This was one of the most significant and painful things of the month… all of Cartesia, Cartesians and the Cartesia forums were moved to a brand new server. We still suffer from that, one of my entries is still there on the old server but anyway, it seems that everything will return to normal... although last night all Cartesians were out of order, possibly because the platform is Wordpress MU.


April statistics

Well, that's what the statistics look like when an entry has been published in Meneame, that's why it was necessary to expand the bandwidth of the hosting where the images are saved and at least one day I kept the expectation of seeing how the visits grew, Income and stress for bandwidth.

  1. I have run out of bandwidth for the images
  2. I've been shaken today
  3. How to Kill a Beach


I got busy from 27 to 31, some entries of the month were dedicated to this trip.

  1. Tips for Hispanics traveling to USA
  2. The winners of the BE Awards
  3. Right now…
  4. Free Mice in Baltimore
  5. Well, I'm finally here.
  6. The favorite toys of the family
  7. BE Awards 2008 Semifinalists
  8. The BE Conference 2008 Agenda in Geospatial


Google Earth and other perversions

  1. Showing cadastral and IGN data in Google Earth
  2. Choosing SPOT images from Google Earth
  3. Google Earth and its Creole technology
  4. Google covers their faces and they teach her breasts
  5. Google Earth, May 2008 Update
  6. How to view themed maps in Google Earth
  7. View mesh lat / long in Virtual Earth
  8. Importing coordinates into Google Earth

Cartography and territorial administration issues

  1. Ortofotos in real time?
  2. 300 ways to see the world
  3. Download the 1: 50,000 sheet from your country
  4. Trimble launches GeoXH with real-time sub-meter accuracy
  5. What is first, the cadastre or the Territorial Ordering?
  6. Using the cadastre as a support for sustainable development

Microstation / AutoCAD

  1. How to import a Geographics project to XFM
  2. Bentley Map XM vrs. Geographics V8
  3. Google Earth interaction with Microstation
  4. Bentley Map XM, First Impressions
  5. How to teach a Microstation course
  6. Import Excel Tables into AutoCAD or Microstation

ESRI / Manifold and other herbs

  1. How much is the GIS worth in your company?
  2. Manifold Subliminal Messages
  3. Connect Manifold to OGC services
  4. Global Mapper ... does not look bad
  5. Pict'Earth results

Other themes

  1. Some short geofumadas
  2. Could 175 millions of people be wrong the same day?
  3. 7 wonders, almost everything returns to normal
  4. How much is your blog worth?
  5. Punishing the System Administrator
  6. What's new on blogging friends

Training and geospatial events

  1. Geospatial Events June 2008
  2. Seminar on Real Estate Cadastre in Bolivia
  3. Capital gains recovery course in Honduras
  4. Digital Satellite Image Processing Course
  5. Geodesy and Cartography Course in Guatemala
  6. Course of Digital Cartography and Geographic Information Systems



Within a year of posting, half of you will have recognized that it is difficult for me to decouple the pleasure of writing from the need to exchange this for economic income, just so as not to lose my passion ... so as part of this experiment, I hope to show you some with the same motivations that it is possible to suffer in the attempt.

April statistics

  • Visits of May: 43,222, in April they had been 22,113 although 10,000 of this month is due to a wag
  • Page views in May: 82,565

Revenue ($ 402.00)

The income includes a couple more sites, one that takes my time, another patience 🙂 and the ones I left planted in over there. Now I have included it in a single list, since As I spoke in the previous month., those generated by this blog this month have already exceeded 66% of the total and I hope to close the year with Murphy's law ... as it says The libretto. I do not expect to abandon the others because according to Matrix of boston, Are necessary for a balanced portfolio.

  • Income from AdSense advertising, $ 300.80, last month was $ 213.33.
  • Sponsored Links: $ 20.72 in LinkLift and $ 40.48 in Text Link Ads, $ 20.00 Sales Direct; total $ 81.20
  • Sponsored reviews $ 20.00, you can if you maintain the impartiality.

Investment (142.66):

  • Investment in advertising (AdWords): $ 106.66, the month of April was $ 51.11
  • Hosting costs in Cpanel: $ 24.00
  • Home connectivity costs (by removing the TV cable): $ 15.00
  • Investment in time: boring hotel nights, exchanged for the mania to learn more than I already know, hours when my wife goes to college and the boys are doing homework exchanged for reading what others write ... one day I will quantify it.

If we subtract the income from the investment, there are $ 259.34 left ... you don't pay the bills, but you can buy the toys and insist on the same phrase: "There must be a way Not to teach again conventional and keep that income. "

Greetings, and welcome to my anniversary month.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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