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UNIGIS WORLD FORUM, Cali 2018: GIS experiences that articulate and transform your organization

UNIGIS Latin America, Universität Salzburg and ICESI University, are given in tremendous luxury to develop this year, a new day of the event FORO MUNDO UNIGIS, Cali 2018:  GIS experiences that articulate and transform your organization, on November 16 at the ICESI University - Cementos Argos Auditorium, Cali, Colombia.
Access is free. So if you are in Cali, in Colombia, or in possibility, you should not miss it.
The FORO MUNDO UNIGIS is in itself a platform for dialogue between technicians, users, critical thinkers, scientists involved in their activities Geographic Information Systems (GIS), entrepreneurs from all sectors and academic community in general, to share experiences, lessons learned, trends and innovations in the areas of Geomatics, Geoinformation and its standards.
Through presentations by national and international experts, the UNIGIS WORLD FORUM Cali 2018, in its sixth version, will address: “GIS experiences that articulate and transform your organization". Registration: / form

You can also participate from the 2: 30 pm two free workshops that will also take place within the framework of Foromundo, for which you can request registration by writing to (indicating the full name, profession and email and workshop of interest)

Workshop No. 1: Generation of point clouds from images captured by drones, using free software and model 3D (Room 505E)
In this workshop, we will see how, in a demonstrative way on a physical model of territory, we can take photographs from different angles, build a photogrammetric model and then emulate the point cloud construction operation as if we had taken the shots with a drone. In addition, the following process of bringing this physical model to its rectification and GIS adaptation to a land Administration scheme based on the precepts of Cadastre 2034.
It will be very interesting, that being a workshop you can learn by doing, with free software but also demonstrating the potential of proprietary software that does these same things. Beyond this, it will also be valuable to complement the seminar presented in the morning by the same speaker, based on the current trend that we see where the capture and modeling disciplines are no longer separate and seek a holistic vision of Geo -engineering where towards the complete cycle of information management and operation management.
Golgi Alvarez will also present an overview of how the construction of Digital Models (Digital Twins) will be a disruptive point with advantages and disadvantages between what we really need today in Latin America, but also what large cities and other countries are needing in terms of BigData, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and SmartCities. A good time to open your mind, in challenges that not only turn to solution provider companies, but also to professionals who will have the joy of seeing that moment.
Workshop No. 2: ArcGIS Online (Cementos Argos Auditorium)
This will be presented by ESRI Colombia, at an appropriate time when the new versions of ArcGIS are about to fulfill most of the functionalities that ArcMap did, both from ArcGIS Pro and from ArcGIS Online.
For these workshops it is ideal to carry a laptop and have previously registered.


Activity Presentador


08: 00 08: 30 Registration of participants
08: 30 08: 45 Welcome greeting Carlos Humberto Valderrama
Jorge Eliécer Rubiano
Icesi University
UNIGIS Latin America
08: 50 09: 00 Welcome greeting Josef Strobl UNIGIS International / Universität Salzburg
09: 05 09: 30 SICA: Planning Tool for a Competitive and Sustainable Coffee Growing Juan Carlos Vásquez Barrera National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC)
09: 35 10: 00 GIS as a Tool for Risk and Disaster Care Ing. Steven Oswaldo Ortiz Ruiz Esri Colombia
10: 05 10: 30 Spatial analysis of customer leakage in a service company Beatriz Eugenia Marín Ospina Antonio José Camacho University (UAJC)
10: 35 11: 00 Modeling of Land Administration - Fundamentals and application with free software. Golgi Álvarez Geofumadas
11: 05 11: 20

Question session

11: 25 11: 55


12: 00 12: 25 Traveling School of Geographic Information Systems -
GIS and climate change
John Mañunga
Luis Alfonso Ortega Fernández
Vereda los Cerrillos
Climate Change and Protected Areas -Foundation Ecohábitats
12: 30 12: 55 GIS and secondary education Luz Ángela Rocha Selper Chapter Colombia
13: 00 13: 25 GIS applied to Forensic Surveying Intendente Edwin Ernesto Acosta Bonilla School of Criminal Investigation National Police
13: 30 13: 55 Applicability of GIS in the legalization of settlements of informal origin Sonia Viviana Tamayo Improvement Society of Pereira / Catholic University
14: 00 14: 15 Question session and Closing of the morning session

Free lunch

14: 45 17: 45 Workshop No. 1: Generation of point clouds from images captured by drones, using free software and model 3D Golgi Darío Álvarez
14: 45 17: 45 Workshop No. 2: ArcGIS Online Esri Colombia
Closing of workshops and closing of the UNIGIS Foromundo
General Information:
Foromundo Headquarters: Cementos Argos Auditorium - Icesi University (Calle 18 No. 122-135, Cali, Col)
Workshop venue: Cementos Argos Auditorium and 505E - Icesi University (from 2: 30pm)
Date and time: November 16, 2018 8: 00am-6: 00pm.

Organized by: UNIGIS Latin America, Universität Salzburg and Icesi University

Registration: http: //
Contact: Jenny Correa Gutiérrez ( / Cel / Whatsapp: + 57 (315) 5409 792 / Esther Nayibe Escobar Pinillos ( +57 (315) 455 3462

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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