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You were there ...

The girl did a pirouette, turned to him, approached, crouched down, and saw him at 34 centimeters. Then he knew it was her, the same eyes ...

It was a routine night, hard labor at the office. Days those in which the itinerant music of U2 sounded on the keyboard of the Chamaco, which included speakers with Suround, there in the background, Raúl with headphones moved his head to the rhythm of Arjona and his champion of the routine; While Jorge's meringues dissolved between the cubicles, beyond, each one sank until 9 at night trying to vectorize what their tired eyes could photointerpret.EYqL-1

But that day was special, played the national team another game more -or less, We never knowbe-, so the most partiers convinced the boss to vary the week, stop by a night bar to see the win, there in the select area of ​​the gringas of Palmerola. It was not common for him to accompany us, as a boss he always stayed on the sidelines, but as a friend he was extremely confident, he even meddled in matters he shouldn't have.

We left, a walk of jokes, sangrones, cruel, but pleasant to the feeling that there would be no more vectors for that day -And night-. Raúl told himself the same episode, when the maps were thrown in the trash, Juan the one with the wet maps in the public hearings on the day of dog vaccination, I the same one who knew me, who barely made me laugh for being humor of the fifties.

We arrived at a den, which from the outside looked like a house, after passing the door the atmosphere changed. The boy who had experience in those transits, agreed with the Gorilla From the entrance, he took us through a passage to an auditorium with rotating lights, people sitting in seats of three, a triangular stage with a vertical tube in the center and a horizontal one at the end, through the stands. We paid company of wort in a cold bucket, which included some plastic tokens for special pirouettes.

The party, boring. Halfway through the second half they led the selection 4 to 1, and with few signs of survival. From an extreme stage, an animator announced that it was time to spice up the game. Immediately the people piled up at the bar, began to give loud applause in a rhythm that had nothing to do with the BonJovi song that was coming in the background. And so, one by one, three girls went by, each one, with a similar routine. 4 inch platforms, provocative rags. A shaky song, then the lights dimmed and a romantic song led the girl to the rhythm of applause, the more, the less clothes, while some desperate people spent their first intention token.

But when the fourth girl arrived, the picture changed. My companion next door got a bit nervous, since the girl came up, took the lemon and squeezed it into her mouth with energy, then settled in the armchair and it seemed that some gears turned inside her temples. Mouth open as Pac-man drooled, he watched the filly spin on the bar, wiping her dry with a napkin he offered her a chavo In the other vertex, and thus the song of Carlos Vives was spent, with impeccable style.

I could see my friend's eyelids drop halfway, like Garfield, then he twitched them, glassy like wet marbles. The lights dimmed, and the immortal Def Leppard song began: Love bites.

When you make love, do you look in the mirror?

Who do you think of?

But his sensation was not one of immediate taste, as he would have put the token in his teeth as soon as the round started, rather it seemed to come and go in a time swing, which on the southwest tangent shook his bag and reacted in small movements upside down. His memories must have been flying back to that first year of college, when a backpack and notebooks were all he took care of to survive.

Do you tell lies and say that forever

And then, I had the impression that he was seeing in those eyes, a familiar face, perhaps it brought him the memory of a love of yesteryear, before the mortgages of this life. Little did he care to know that he was diminishing his clothes, it was his eyes and a hidden smile that brought him -And carried him- to a distant milestone, in a heartbeat behind that Industrial Engineering building, as far as the orbit of the GLONASS constellation but as close as the capture of its carrier phase.

Do you think twice or just touch 'n' see

His eyes circled in sharp breaks, but not in the 10-meter edge of the equilateral, he was much further. Then he felt like a layer came off his epidermis, one, another, again, in goose bumps. As the girl displayed her dreamy gifts, the clapping sounded and she hung from the pole in a sweaty twist. Spectacular!

I do not wanna touch you too much baby

Cos makin 'love to you could drive me crazy

The girl closed the earwig, covering her life with one hand, turned to him, approached, crouched, and saw him at 34 centimeters. I would swear that then he knew it was her, the same eyes, the girl's seemed to clash too, he withdrew and returned to his show. Then he chased her with his eyes until he was tired, she dodged while she could but the distance did nothing more than facilitate her photogrammetric view and finally her jaw dropped like a drawer.

I do not think that love is the way you make it

After a couple of penetrating glances, which seemed to melt in the air, she could not finish the song, made a gesture to satisfy her audience, turned around and approached the stands. The public yelled at her to finish it, but she was already being helped by the Coime, who gave her her top garments, the only ones she could remove, and led her to one end of the bar. The animator hid everything, made the first call to all the girls and asked for applause for the great Pamela.

So I do not want to be there when you decide to break it

Love bites love bleeds - it's bringing 'me to my kneeds

Love lives love dies - it´s no surprise

Love begs love pleads - it's what I need

The girl passed by, looked into his eyes, took his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered something between her teeth. Then he left. I could see in her pretty eyes three fifths of tears, I was puzzled, stunned and did not know exactly what to think. Absolutely no one knows what to say to a friend, who suddenly on a night walk finds himself at a distance of 34 centimeters from eyes that he seems to know at much shorter distances.



Years later he confessed to me that he convinced the coime to take the girl that night. He didn't tell me any more details until I read it on his Facebook status, which hasn't changed in a long time.

That night, you were there. It was your eyes, your lips, you were there. It was your smile, your tattoo, your sweat, you were there.

In the morning I saw your eyes again, beautiful, your smile, beautiful, but it was not yours. You weren't there.

You're just everywhere.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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