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Among the best that I have found at the technology fair in Honduras, which is being held right now, I have found a product called Dossier Manager, which has been developed by HNG Systems and which is distributed by Lufego.

Basically this system seeks to solve the problem of file storage, be they digital or printed. The difficulty of storing documents is not only the space required to store papers but the importance they gather for an institution that cannot afford to throw them away because at some point they need to go to them either for consultation or for support of formalities.


For this there are several IT solutions although Dossier Manager looks extremely robust:

1. File storage

Unlike other applications that create folders and files inside, this one is based on a "container" principle, which is in a way the simile of "file". So a company can decide to manage all its documentation there and all it does is create the document structure, with attributes and standards… just as it has in its filing procedures; the rest is just storing. Said in good caliche "adaptable to conventional archiving techniques but under a digital environment and all within a database"

It has an administration interface, which allows creating file structures, users and rights; another user interface that is the one who stores documents or consults them and another one for simple public consultation. Once the documents are archived, they can be edited by "check out", the tool brings functionalities to cut, delete and straighten documents in the case of scanned documents. In case of being documents with proprietary formats, they are opened in the respective application and upon "check in" it allows to control versioning or simply replace.

2 Search with ocr in 69 formats.

You can search for these, either by their keywords, attributes or even by their content. Nothing strange in the case of searching office, AutoCAD or other documents saved in their native format, but they can also be tif or pdf documents and the system searches by doing ocr within the scanned images.

The funny thing is that there is nothing stored in folders, everything is inside a database that can be Mysql, sql server or oracle.

files The capture interface is ready only to choose the capture characteristics including the dual format scan, seeing how it works I was surprised to see a Fujitsu scanner, in which a credit card was placed, and passed it to dual mode (double face) as if it were a paper ... this equipment has the ability to scan 1000 double-sided sheets daily for 5 years ... that can be called high performance.

3. Remote data control

Among the most attractive of the application is its level of modular growth, with solutions from $ 450 to corporate solutions that include remote access via web services. One of the companies that is implementing it is Tigo, which in each of the Tigocentros only has a PC, scanner and Internet access; Each file that a customer or service provided enters the system and is automatically stored in the central offices.

It is also being implemented by the Executive Directorate of Revenues DEI, to control customs procedures through the declaration policies for importation of products. Each customs agent will have a license, which will allow all the documentation to enter the central system before the container enters the country… although hard copy papers always arrive within 15 days in cardboard boxes.

Business solutions are at the top of $ 20,000 with unlimited use of licenses, for that matter, a company that has a presence in 16 countries would have to make an investment of $ 320,000 ... compared to other products it would be at least $ 180,000 per country ... almost the 3 millions of dollars.

For more information you can contact Lufergo

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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