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Geomatics are the most critical of Google Earth, not because it is not a great innovation but because other Use them to purposes in which this tool does not meet the details of our whim, but we must admit that if this application did not exist, few things we could know about the world in such a simple geographical dimension. Such is the case of Google Earth Hacks, a site dedicated to finding curious images or images of particular interest not only from Google Earth, but also from Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps.

Your ability for others to collaborate makes you have more than 10,000 subscribers. The files can be viewed by categories:

  • Models 3D
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  • Historical places
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You can also see by country, and the mara has been collaborating, here is a list of some countries in our environment:

  • Argentina (119)
  • Barbados (6) 
  • Belize (3)
  • Bolivia (25)
  • Brazil (612)
  • Canada (340)
  • Chile (92)
  • Colombia (60)
  • Costa Rica (19)
  • Cuba (32)
  • Dominican Republic (8)
  • Ecuador (36)
  • Guatemala (13)
  • Haiti (8)
    • Jamaica (13)
    • Mexico (163)
    • Nicaragua (3)
    • Panama (12)
    • Paraguay (1)
    • Peru (60)
    • Portugal (108)
    • Puerto Rico (51)
    • Spain (479)
    • Trinidad and Tobago (3)
    • United States (4924)
    • Uruguay (17)
    • Venezuela (34)

    Among some shots that caught my attention is this:

    Curiosities google earth

    It is located in the desert of Algeria, and shows a kind of rectangle measuring 100 x 140 meters. But the strangest thing is a kind of giant toothpick, the north part is on a cabin but the south part is suspended in the air, so that you can see the projected shadow.

    Ah, it measures exactly 100 meters. The filed shape in the northern part looks like the ancients made obelisks by carving them out of the rock, but this piece was not taken from there, as it does not have a space where it can fit completely;

    Any ideas what it can be?

    Golgi Alvarez

    Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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    1. But the Coordinates of other rare things more

    2. Damn aliens, now they want to steal the tube ... that's why they surrounded it


    3. See the same point today, June of the 2012 and you will see a kind of construction, it seems a fence (Will have enclosed the extraterrestrials?)

    4. at the coordinates 31 ° 47'25.77 ″ N 6 ° 03'18.30 ″ E is rare because it is somewhat similar to area 51 somethingasi xq if you look a little further up there are bright lights that call attention….

    5. It looks like a gas pipeline. In the area there are extractions

    6. It seems that what Daniel says is the right thing, an oil pipeline.

    7. Why is the inexplicable related to UFOs? it's all a matter of investigating and being more “curious”.

    8. Softron, almost right, are not oil pipelines, but almost ..

      It is an area of ​​excavation, to obtain water. Libya's water is obtained in these desert wells, and in those areas, and hundreds of miles are transferred by pipelines and canals to the inhabited areas.
      Just look at what is in the vicinity and stop UFO squabbles and so on.
      The pareidolias, give a lot to the hallucinations.

    9. Softtron has dao on the nail, there was only a little sniffing around, aunke I first thought of a quarry, the oil pipeline is more logical.

    10. It is just a natural formation (no civilization could do that unless it was ours ... they were not so advanced) and for him it says that it measures exactly 100m it is ekivoca ... nothing measures exactly ... it will be 100,5 or 99,6 or something like that

    11. Hi, I found out what it is. It's a pipeline from an oil pipeline. I am sorry that I have broken the illusion to those who would wish it to be something extraterrestrial. First, if it were a starry ship there would have to be some crater or some deformation of the ground that would suggest there was a collision. For an object of more than 100 meters to be nailed to the ground as it appeared to be this, it should have caused a good socavon. It is an optical effect that makes us look like a giant stick. In reality it is a half-filled pipe and back to cover the sand. Make 360 turns on the object and you will see other points of view that will clarify to you.
      Now test:
      Move away from the object a bit so that you can see 3 km around. Use the RULE tool of Google Earth and draw a line of 2,29 Km towards the northeast, following the same direction of the pipeline. You will see how it ends in a small oil station, where you can see the shadow of the extraction turret and waste rafts.
      Now best, draw another line from the supposed UFO but to the south west, also following the trayentoria of the pipe and you will see as 1,38 km you reach a white square that must be a buried pumping station. You will see as on the left 10 pipes appear to be buried and that are identical to the alleged UFO. Further down are other 4 pipes that are not buried and that go through surface to other stations. Following the same line towards the southwest you will see 1,98 km another pumping station with more pipes equal to the supposed UFO.
      All the best

    12. I have found some strange shapes in Nicaragua also that are giant circles of 1km in diameter (measured with the same tool to measure distances from Google Earth) it is interesting ... if you tell me how to send the coordinates I will send them to you, the interesting thing is that the shapes of the circles are very perfect seen from above and also their Exact Diameter of 1km (not so small) leaves a lot to think about how they would have appeared

    13. Mmm !!!!!!! curious!!!!! But you still lack too much
      Good luck next time

    14. I think that we are going to stay in flakitos if we continue governed by this superb. . . Sorry i meant to say

    15. Lat 31.0186 Long 7.9753

      You write it in Googleearth like this:


      Then enter and you will immediately go to the toothpick in the desert of Algeria

    16. Put the coordinated xfavor !! Okay but I see it as a matchbox and a toothpick ... XD. That will be a clue of aliens to see if we humans are smart and so they invade us and shit

    17. It is not rock where it is, it is a sand dune. The part that is carved is the way the wind accommodates the sand at the end.

    18. I'm doing some research on that, and it looks like UFOs have something to do.
      Here I leave my information.
      Thank you,
      Anne Boltichik


    20. It looks like a pool .. or villar haha ​​xD must be some route for alien landing who knows?

    21. Hello, because you do not publish the coordinates to see it in Google earth ??, greetings.-

    22. Looks like a cigarette in an ashtray
      No idea can be
      Good x you to find out

    23. Wao ... not a photomontage?

      Jokes made by the creators of the show ... to see if critical or curious like you ... can find them ...

      Very interesting ... for me it is a toothpick from here to China ..

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