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What are the 7 natural wonders that will win

The proposal sounds offensive, if we consider that the voting ends until December, but after our first suggestion, the votes to January and February We will make some assumptions at least for geographical regions:

To make this analysis we will use the 77 proposals that to date are the ones that have obtained the most votes:

7 natural wonders 

Grupo 1.  We will call this to the proposals that are scoring from the first to the tenth position (1 to 10). Of the 7 Hispanic candidates that we promoted at the beginning, here is only Cocos Island

Grupo 2.  We will call the proposals that are between the 11th and 20th position (11-20), with good effort, it is possible to take a position from this group. In this group is the Banana River Reserve, as well as the Lake Titicaca of those promoted at that time.

Grupo 3.  We will call those that are between position 21 and 40 that way, the problem with this group is that the votes are dispersed because the continents have several options that compete against those of group 2. Here is the Angel Falls, of which we promoted.

Grupo 4.  Those who are between positions 41 and 77, in this group, although there are many candidates, the fight is still tough. In this group is Land of Fire

The possibility of winning a candidacy is obviously between groups 1 and 2, as there are only seven positions. Although it is not ruled out that a position that is above the 40th position can climb over time, but it will imply that it is at least from a large country and that a good awareness process is mounted. Of those that I had proposed, Sierra Nevada and Mapelo Island not even listed among the first 77.

Nor do I think it will happen, that although Asia has 8 candidates, the first 7 positions go to that continent. Based on this, it seems that the 7 wonders could turn out like this:

Asia: 3
South America: 1
Central America: 1
North America: 1
Europe: 1

Africa and Oceania have the same possibility for Europe, but with fewer Internet users.

lake atitlánAs you can see, there are not many possibilities for our Spanish-speaking countries, we would only be talking about one for Central America and one for South America. Here is a photo of Lake Atitlán, in Guatemala, which is in position 11


Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. the most beautiful is the coconut island that goes aganar costarrica 1


  2. Hello, for a long time I did not see you around-

  3. I am also Costa Rican and I also have many friends from Mexico. I know the entire geographic range of Costa Rica including the Coconut Island.


    Thank God for Coconut Island and for every natural corner of this planet. No natural wonder is because it wins a contest. Even humans do not know the meaning of Natural Wonder. I hope in God, that we learn to care for every corner of this planet, and have our own natural wonders at home. As long as we exist, we share the same planet and everything belongs to everyone.

    Greetings to the people who make conscience, the chick, the tequila and pure life.

  4. I with the coconut isal I am a Costa Rican and the Ticos we love the biodiverse ones that do not do anything is the government

  5. It is right what Ivanohe says, that the people of the planet earth, now beat all of America.
    Long live America

  6. I agree with what Gino Delgado said, stop being offended by one another, since none of you participated in the creation of these beautiful paradises, only God did it.
    both Mexico and Costa Rica have wonderful places and we must be proud. That is why the world is as it is, because there are individuals who do not know how to participate with respect, in these healthy competitions,
    motivations that helps us to get to know each other.

  7. Anyone who is commenting here, knows Coconut Island? Does anyone have the necessary variables to be able to comment on it, as did Jacques Couteau? or the variables that made it the patrimony of humanity? Anyone who thinks here, knows how hard it is to get there and what can be done there?

    Isla del Coco is one of the most impressive places on the planet, but to be able to say that, you must have good mileage and knowledge. I doubt as much as those who think here know it, therefore their comments are based on total ignorance. I don't think the issue is climate or biodiversity, because both Costa Rica and Mexico have shown without pause, the damage they do to climate. The Ticos do not take care of Costa Rica, The Mexicans contaminated their entire environment, The Ticos do not know the island of the coconut, the Mexicans flee to live in the precariousness of the USA where they do not want them. Costa Rica has 4 million inhabitants ... Mexico has one of the most overpopulated capitals on the planet ... but, in the end, both two are not escaping from one thing: NEITHER OF THE TWO DID ANYTHING, TO HAVE WHAT THEY HAVE, The Island del Coco was not made by the Ticos ... as well as none of the natural wonders that Mexico obtains ... So there is nothing left for me to say to you ... stop applying or demean others ... take care of what you have there that you do not deserve ... . and stop saying so much STUPID


    What horror, I really thought that Costa Rica wanted the island

  9. by mexico god exceeds in biodiversity to costarica but you know do not speak andres, mexico has all the microclimates esistentes exepto tundra, and that tene costarica: S, there is more variety in mexico, q in many other countries but surely more than costa rica obvious. so q you shut up why cardigan is right first of all the support

  10. you said yourself I am not jealous and if you are, 100% tico, VIVA ISLA DEL COCO AND ALSO MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY COSTA RICA

  11. Costa Rica is one of the richest countries in biodiversity and the people who come to walk like the gringos, Chinese, European, say that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful in the world, first know the country and then think
    if he likes me and does not like me too

  12. See Rebeca, with all the respect of the world, better be quiet because Costa Rica has the 4% of biodiversity in the world do not speak if you do not know

  13. Well, I think those in Costa Rica have nothing to do in life.

    Let's face it: Nobody in their right mind would vote for Cocos Island to be a marvel of the world, given that there are many islands in the world, in addition it should be noted that the island is an ecosystem in danger: in other words, it is damaged very easily.

    Maybe I already told you, but I think that the cascades of Agua Azul (Agua Azul, not just Azul) should be removed from the contest, with all my regret and pain, and they should also remove the canyon from the Sink.

    Both the waterfalls and the Sumidero canyon are fragile ecosystems; that do not hold so much tourism, unlike Popocatepetl, since I do not think anyone wants to climb a volcano and contrary to the copper cannon that has a good preservation system.

    In the first contest and correct if I am wrong, Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan and Bellas Artes were in the same conditions, I think Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan managed to sneak last minute to the top 77, Chichen in the fourth and Teotihuacan in the 58, while Fine Arts was in the 112.

    Costa Rica should focus on the evil it is doing to Cocos Island, and not be carried away by its spirit of ambition and recognition; the 7 human wonders are very different from the natural ones.

    Only those that are capable of resisting man can be left in the list and with your forgiveness, but the isal, Lake Atitlán, Venezuelan and Peruvian like Titicaca, including the waterfalls of Agua Azul are ecosystems THAT WERE CREATED FOR HIM MINIMUM TREATMENT, ie not attracting several masses.

    Unlike the Marian pits, the popocatepetl, or the Land of Fire that can with the human being and sees the first two are not already contemplated and Tierra de fuego is almost going to leave.

    I am very annoyed with the organizers, since they must take into account only sites that resist forever, for example ATONONES, the atolls sooner or later disappear and thus the list is disqualified.

    I THE TRUTH I MAKED A MAIL ABOUT THE IMMEDIATE EXPULSION OF THE WATER BLUE WATER AND THE SUMMER CANYON who should not be voting for anything and I said before BLUE will always be the king of kings on any waterfall that they put, and like the Sumidero Canyon that is unique in its kind.

    Costa Rica Should Refuse Coconut Island Candidature
    Guatemala must remove lake Atitlán
    Peru must take out its Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and other candidates.
    Honduras must say goodbye to the Río Plátano Reserve.

    It is not for being jealous or anything, but I think that the wonders of that size already have their own personal title and another less does not take away their beauty.

    As long as my 7 proposals to confine that list are:

    -Victoria Falls
    -Marian Stories

  14. I believe that in Mexico there has been a lack of willingness on the part of the media and the government itself to promote the vote. Well Blue is now in position 67 and Popocatepetl has already left the list of 77.

    For the number of Mexicans, they should take one of them in the first ... if we compare with Costa Rica where the media are very involved in promoting voting and although the number of inhabitants is lower, Mexico has its proposal in the first 10 places.

  15. And where were the blue waterfalls and the Popocatepetl volcano?



    A BLUE WILL BE FOREVER THE QUEEN OF QUEENS IN ALL WATERFALLS, veil, I could not be catartas that are something else, BLUE IS THE BEST

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