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Buy a Nintendo DS Lite in Spain

Online there is a variety of stores, where it is possible to buy technological toys, including many with support in Spanish. But shipping costs and warranty conditions not adapted to the local regulatory framework make you miss the benefits of conventional stores.

To solve that, there is, an online company dedicated to the sale of gadgets and consumer electronics factory direct. Being established in Spain, it offers benefits of the national context, for example: They will not sell you a mobile phone with an unsupported plug or that cannot be connected to providers within the country. Let's see then what else MicroCubo offers:

free shipping

console-nintendo-ds-lite.2.medium Buying in any store established in China or the United States will cost you a minimum of $ 24 for shipping costs. Being in Spain, MicroCubo takes it to the door of your house without any surcharge, they will not include strange expenses for entering the country.

Just now the console Nintendo DS Lite is at 90 €, including VAT, and of course, free shipping.

Quick payment and shipping

Instead of two or three weeks that it could take your shipment in other stores, the proximity of MicroCubo allows them to take it between 3 and 5 days. The payment methods are also practical, through LaCaixa's secure gateway with your credit or debit card from any entity, they also support Paypal and there is even a way in which you pay the courier once you receive the product.

Guarantee according to the law of Spain

In addition to the guarantees established by the manufacturer, as a company established in Spain, MicroCubo must respect the guarantees of the 23 / 2003 Law; what no other company established outside could fulfill.

The place is:

Golgi Alvarez

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