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Comparison of GIS software for surveying

Who would not want to have a table that compares different types of GIS software with functionalities for surveying in order to make a decision on the purchase. For such a thing exists in Point of Beginning, including popularized manufacturers such as AutoDesk, ESRI, Mapinfo, Intergraph, as well as equipment manufacturers such as Topcom, Leica and Trimble.

Rare programs in our environment or with recent experience such as Surfer and Manifold are also included. To make the comparison, you have to choose the programs you want, and then press the "compare models" button and the table will be displayed with information under similar criteria.

These are the programs that are included in the comparison:


Programs Included

Autodesk, Inc.images (2) Autodesk Raster Design
Autodesk Map 3D
Autodesk Civil 3D
Autodesk Land Desktop
Autodesk Survey
images ESRI ArcEditor
Intergraphimages (5) G / Technology
MapInfo CorporationDownloadfile.php (1) MapInfo Professional
Manifold Net LtdDownloadfile.php Manifold System
ADW Software3130 Pythagoras GIS + CAD
Caliper CorporationCaliper TransCAD
Carlson SoftwareCarlson Logo Carlson GIS
CEDRA Corporation
CEDRA AVparcel
Full Circle Technologies Inc
VectorEyes (R)
Golden Software, Inc.
Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imagingleica Leica Virtual Explorer
Leica Photogrammetry Suite
Image Analysis for ArcGIS
Maptek / KRJA Systems Inc.logo VULCAN
Scanpoint Geomatics LtdScanpointgeomatics IGiS Integrated GIS and Image Processing Software
SiteComp, Inc.images (4) SiteComp Survey / GIS
Sokkiaimages (3) IMap
Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.Downloadfile.php (2) Field Tools for ArcPad (R)
Field Tools for ArcPad
Topcon Tools GIS
Trimbleimages (1) -Trimble GPS Analyst extension for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software
-GPS Pathfinder Office software
-TerraSync software
-Trimble GPScorrect extension for ESRI ArcPad software
Tripod Data SystemsTDS_RedP_logo soil


The result displays data from the manufacturer, its phone, price and date from when the software exists, and then among the features it compares are:

Operating system and network support
   Client - server support
   Server operating system
   Client operating system
   Supports services over the Internet
Compatible Applications
   Supports third-party applications
   Total solution packages available
GIS Data Management
   Multi-user edition
   Supports versioned
   Maintenance of metadata
Database management
   DBMS owner
   Relational database system that supports
   RDBMS spatial data warehouse
Structure and format of native data
   Raster images
Utilities for importing and exporting GIS data
   Import formats directly
   Export formats directly
Formats you read without importing data
GIS input and edit
   Allows you to enter data accurately
   Import data from electronic equipment
   Digitizing heads-up
   Rectification of maps
   Check and correct errors
   Field data entry
Design and composition of maps
   Interactive map composition
   Annotation from attributes
   Change global symbols
   Thematic maps
Geographical queries and functions
   Query and selection by attributes
   Measurement from the map
   Address management and geocode
   Generation of buffers
   Point / line-in-polygon analysis
   Spatial analysis
   Network analysis
   Query and access to raster documents
   Direct access to other GIS data
Processing and analysis of terrain models
   Generation of DEM
   Generation of contour lines
   Deployment of profiles 3D
   Map draping
   Analysis of pending
Raster data management capabilities
   Geometric rectification
   Orthophoto generation
   Image transformations
   Spectral classification
Development Languages
   Owner development language
   Commercial development environments that supports

Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcomA great work the Points of Beginning Here you can see the table. A pity that programs such as TopCAD Or Geopak, that insurance have not sent the data to be included.

The magazine, which is possible, is also available for some countries or potential clients.  subscribe And receive it for free.

Unfortunately in the year 2010 the page that developed the comparison stopped operating.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Hi. I have a total leica tcr803 power station.
    But I do not have the installation sotfware, I can not find it on the net.
    If someone could send me the link to download the installation software to be able to download the data optenidos in the field, I send them in advance a thousand thanks.

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