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How to Thematise in Microstation Geographics

In order not to lose momentum, more than Alzheimer's now and then betrays us, here I leave part of the free consultancy I was giving to some guys from Mexico, who keep using Geographics.

1. The data

Thematic resimbolization microstation

It has a map, which contains four sectors, then each block has Boundaries and centroids. The centroid has link To the database, in the table apples, And also contains the sector name in the column Cve_Sec.

So in this case, I want to thematize the apples, based on the sector number. I will clarify this issue first, as it was necessary because the link to the database was from the centroids and not from the shapes.

  • Create shapes. If it is not visible, activate the Geographics toolbar, in the menu Tools> Geographics> Geographics. To generate the shapes, we turn off all levels, leaving only the level of apple and centroids, we make a fence And choose the icon called Create shapes.Thematic resimbolization microstation
    It requires a level that is free where the shapes will be stored.
  • Move links to shapes. For this, we turn off the apple boundary level, and leave only the level of shapes and centroids. We make a fence And select the fourth icon called Associate Linkages, Indicating Centroid -> Shape And clicking on the screen.
  • Review Links. The signal that everything is fine is that when using the command Review Attributes, The data that had the centroid was lifted.

Thematic resimbolization microstation


2. How to Thematize

To thematically select Data base> thematic resimbolizationThematic resimbolization microstation

A window appears, in which we must configure, on the right if we want the theming to be only visual or to be saved in a map layer. Also if we want it from the whole file, or from a Fence. Then in the buttons on the left, with Add, if we want to make inquiries via queries Specific.

Select the button Cars, To indicate that we expect the program to automatically search for categories. There we select the table Apples, And the column Cve_sec, we indicate that the classes are unique, fill, base color and level in which each layer goes. Then when doing Ok, We can choose another color again, because the ones it shows are a bit ugly.

Thematic resimbolization microstation

And that's all, see that by indicating Go, And click on the screen, are themed apples based on sectors.

Thematic resimbolization microstation

3. How to put the legend

This is done Settings> Legend, and the option of two points is chosen in the panel or the size is defined in the unit of measurement that we are working on, in this case I will use 100 x 100 meters.

Thematic resimbolization microstation

With Bentley Map, that another wave, but much more kind.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. The problem, in my opinion is that the installer is corrupt. For the error that generates you; Possibly some incompatibility with a library of the Windows version.
    If you contact me maybe via Teamviwer I can support you.

    Editor at

  2. If Geographics is installed, you should be able to call any command by keyin.
    Try writing dialog cleanup

  3. There is no other way to find the Tools> Geographics and Tools> Coordinate System table, which are the ones that don't seem to me since I need to do a cleaning with the Cleannup topology bars but I've looked for them and I can't find them anywhere ... I would appreciate a lot and thank you

  4. It's strange. If you could install it on another machine, it should not be a problem.
    From the corrupt source there is no problem.

  5. I specify that I have 7-bit window 64 and the other machine I ran on is 7-bit window 32 ...
    Does it have to see or not that too?

  6. These are the steps I took:
    1 Install Install MicroStationV8_2004.
    2. The Geographic
    4. Lurgo paste the Crack in the destine folders
    But it still works but I don't see those tabs in TOOLS ...
    when installing Microstation it throws me a CRC error message: The File C: / Program files (x86) /Bentley/Program/Install/VBA6/release/Windows/Fonts/tahomabd.ttf dosent match the file in the setup`s.the medium From Which you are rouning the setup may be corrupted: contact your software vendor

    and when I install the Geographic it pulls this: CRC error: The File C: / Program files (x86) /Bentley/Worspace/Projects/Examples/Geospatial/Whistler/dgn/pln/Q18.pln doesn`t match the file in the setup `s .cab file. the medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact you software vendor ..
    I clarify that these same errors gave me when I installed it on the other machine and that table perfectly appears to me (... or is it that Tools> Geographics can be found in another part of the program?

  7. Hello, how about I install the MicroStation GeoGraphics but the machine I use does not show this Tools> Geographics table and I installed it on another computer and I see the option only on mine, no ... that has to do if I did the same steps ... is it perhaps the type of window ...

  8. I like that it is one of the most beautiful processes in singing that programming

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