How to know the length of a curve

Knowing the length of a curve is a frequent necessity, as is the axis of a road. After struggling with Microstation V8 I started to review how AutoCAD and Microstation XM do it.

With Microstation V8:

Element info It is not possible through the properties table, because when activated with the "element information" command does not appear. Perhaps one of the most deficient tools in versions prior to XM of Microstation.


However, it is possible with the "measure distance" command, and by selecting the option "along the element".

Using AutoCAD:

 Autocad 2009

propertiesIt should be shown in the properties table, that in the case of AutoCAD 2009 it is in "view / properties" but in order not to complicate the item is touched and the right mouse button is selected by selecting "properties". 

As you see the table, it does not contain the curve length. 

Properties autocad

So the object is touched, and then the "list" command is applied and they have it there.

ELLIPSE Layer: "Street axis"
Space: Model space
Color: 1 (red) Linetype: "BYLAYER"
Handle = d4
Length: 54.03
Center: X = 483515.54, Y = 1553059.20, Z = 0.00
Major Axis: X = 75.28, Y = 27.06, Z = 0.00
Minor Axis: X = -27.06, Y = 75.28, Z = 0.00
Start Point: X = 483591.22, Y = 1553033.25, Z = 0.00
End Point: X = 483590.83, Y = 1553086.26, Z = 0.00
Start Angle: 321d
End Angle: 0d
Radius Ratio: 1.00

Using Microstation XM:

Element info It seems that they understood the problem when designing Microstation 8.9 (XM), in the old "element properties" command, with an improved table the arc length is already included.

Microstation xm

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  1. Very good, thanks thumb up. I knew the list command but I had not taken it into account.

  2. You are really good at sending these commands that you normally don't do ... Greetings

  3. In V8 I do it through the toolbar icon: Measurement. 4º Icon: Measurement. regards

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