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Improving the 3D view in Google Earth

It happens that the 3D view in Google Earth is interesting but the fact that the elevations do not look so "real" is usually not so attractive. Because it is a fairly simplified terrain model, the topography is a bit flattened, and because you are looking at it from above, you have the same feeling as when you fly, that you do not perceive the elevation well.

It seems that the mountains are very low, and it is for the reason that humans being so small we usually see them much higher than they are.

google earth 3d For this, Google Earth has the option to modify the height factor. This is done in "Tools / options" and in the 3D view you can place a value less than 1, which would make the elevation look less pronounced and greater than 1 would do the opposite.

See what happens when using 1, this is how the mountains of my holiday.

google earth 3d

Now see what happens when using 2.4, much better with respect to what you see from the ground.

 google earth 3d

This is a photo of the same mountain seen from the selected point. I took it at 8 in the morning, see how the clouds were still low, what is in front is the artificial channel, created to draw water from the lake and move it to a hydroelectric dam; in the background you can see a topography more similar to that of Google Earth.

from the channel

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