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How to teach a Microstation course

A few days ago someone asked me about the course I was giving from Microstation based on the most used 36 commands, and about which I said I initially used it to teach the AutoCAD course, but later I did the version for Microstation.

Well here I share the course plan, as I developed in those years ... that some nights of lonely hotels I miss.


This is the basic file, which although some criticize it as unnecessary, from a marketing point of view helps to sell the course to the company that is paying.

Name: Microstation course V8 applies for XM
Duration: 24 Hours (40 ideal)
Effective time: 22 hours, but closing 1 and 1 for contingencies
Means : Laptop, projector, projection screen, one computer per student with Microstation V8 and Bentley View installed, with power source, mice with scroll wheel, Formica blackboard, three-color markers and eraser, user manual, instructor's manual.
Course Description: The course is intensive and is oriented to develop in a theoretical-practical way with real exercises, requires each student to have their own computer and have basic knowledge of Windows environment.
No. of students: ideal from 8 to 12

This is the summary of the course, and although the ideal is 40 hours, here I show you an example as I should have compacted for 24 ... difficult but you can if you have the conditions and small group

Phase Description Time Contents
I Introduction 1 / 2 hour Presentation, course presentation, introduction to Bentley products, CAD equivalents, brief user evaluation
II Basic concepts 1 / 2 hour MS requirements, basic concepts of open, save, close, view, scroll, levels
III The most used 36 commands

6 Utilities most used

13 hours Development of the concepts and practices of 14 authoring commands, 14 editing and 8 reference, making practical exercises, together of the 6 most used utilities, the student is marking in the summary sheet of commands and utilities.
IV The 4 More complex utilities 8 hours Exposure of the most complex features of Microstation, such as printing, dimensioning, configuration settings
V Closing + unforeseen 2 hours Implementation of the vision of the applications that work with the platform MS, sample of some examples, delivery of diplomas, evaluation of instructors

As I mentioned before, the course is based on learning the most used 36 commands from Microstation and the most important 10 applications, but on real work under the technique of learning by doing; I recommend that you see the post where I talked about it.


Here you plan the time that will be managed to develop the different commands and exercises ... I also take the opportunity to apologize for how extensive the post will become 🙂


Introduction 1 / 2 time (30 min)
  • Home
  • User rating
  • Course presentation
  • Bentley Application Overview
  • Answer to questions
  • Quick oral test
Students will complete assessment sheet
II Basic Concepts 1 / 2 time (30 min)
  • MS V8 Requirements
  • About the installation
  • Open, close
    r, save
  • Zoom, View, Info, ACAD Similarities
  • Level display
  • Exercise with examples
Open examples applied to topography, architecture, construction
III A 6 Group Commands __________ Application to Architectural Facades 2 hours (60 min)


  • Creation Line, Circle
  • Parallel Edition, Trim, Extend
  • Reference Keypoint
  • Utilities Areas-distances, Accu1
  • Development 2 simple facades
  • Student Exercise Development
Students will develop two simple facades using only these commands
III B 10 Group Commands __________ Application to Mapping 3 hours (180 min)


  • Creation smartline, Complex chain, multiline
  • Edit Fillet, Partial delete, modify elements
  • Reference mid, nearest, origin, inters, perp
  • Raster Utility, Reference manager, Accu2
  • Examples of raster manager, reference, levels
  • Development of small urbanization
  • Development of map on scanned image
Students will work with a scanned image and scan the image using these commands
III C 5 Group Commands __________ Application to Surveying 2 hours (120 min)


  • Creation Point, Text
  • Editing Copy, move, rotate, Accu3
  • Reference
  • Level manager utility
  • Develop polygonal with bearing and distances
  • Develop polygonal students
  • Review and consultations
Students will work with a traverse using bearings and distances, will close and calculate the area.

They will also do the same using deflections



III D 7 Group Commands __________ Application to Construction Details 3 hours (180 min)


  • Creation Fence, Shape, Hatch, Linear pattern
  • Intersect Edition,
  • Reference Center, Tangent
  • Display settings
  • Development of structural detail and map det.
  • Detail development by students - consultations
Students will work on a structural detail that includes steel reinforcement, concrete hatching, natural terrain etc.
III E 7 Group Commands __________ Application to blocks and Templates 3 hours (180 min)


  • Creating Cell, Array, Arc
  • Edit Drop, Edit text, Scale, Mirror, Chamfer
  • Reference mid, nearest, origin, inters, perp
  • Utility
  • View cells made, manipulate them without creating
  • Creating detail by creating cells
  • Cell library development
Students will make the cell the previous structural detail, and create two more and manipulate an existing one
IV A Complex Profits __________ Application to the Treatment 2 hours (120 min)
  • The Creation
  • Edition
  • Reference
  • Coupling Utility
  • Create border style
  • Dimension drawings previously made
  • Review, consultation and recommendations
Students will mark the completed drawings


IV B Complex Utilities __________
Losing Fear of Printing
2 hours (120 min)
  • Print Menu
  • Techniques for creating print layout
  • Feather Configuration
  • Image clipping
  • Printing of drawings
Print drawings made
IV C Complex Utilities __________ File management 2 hours (120 min)
  • DWG File Handling
  • Batch converter
  • Handling files in another format
  • Image conversion and manipulation
  • Digital signatures
  • Design history
File Manipulation
IV D Complex Utilities __________ Most important advanced settings 2 hours (120 min)
  • Setting up menus
  • Workspace Settings
  • Preferences settings
  • Command line and tricks (key in)
  • Button assignments
  • License Activation
  • Configuring tricks
  • Consultations
Manipulation of settings
V Closure 2 hours (120 min)
  • Discussion of questions and doubts
  • Online Resources
  • Presentation of a complete project
  • Instructor evaluation - delivery of diplomas
  • Extra for contingencies
Instructor evaluation, interactive debate

I hope that some of my former students inherit the taste for training in this field... which so much needs "non-academic" training but practical training.

And it's not that I do not teach anymore, I do not have the same time but I'm still available, so there they let me know.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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