How to convert cells to AutoCAD blocks

The handling of grouped objects is different between Microstation and AutoCAD. In the case of Microstation, they are handled as files with a .cel extension called cells, I have heard that they are also called cells.

In case of AutoCAD, the blocks they are .dwg files that are called through the design center; no matter the nomenclature, they are still groups of vectors, with a point of reference and that when you insert them you must choose scale and angle of rotation.

microstation cells

Well our task today is to see how to export a cell file to autocad blocks without having to do one-to-one conversion.

  • Select file/models or (keyin “model manager”)

models microstation

  • Well, being in the cells panel, we select file / “save as” and select the dwt file format, then click on the “options” button and in the advanced file options choose “save in separate files”

save dwg options

  • export optionsIn the filter tab you can choose which files to export, in this way the chosen cells will be sent as autocad files

Done ... now you just have to place them in the folder of Design Center or the place where you store the blocks.

Autocad blocks

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Golgi Alvarez

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  1. Apparently you can view texts of RSC format, which is the text format of Microstation, up to 8x versions to Truetype TTF, although only in XM versions.

    Apparently it is not possible to AutoCAD formats that are SHX

    Not because you can not, but because you are still fighting if your rsc format is better than the ttf

    these links speak some of it:

  2. Another query, I have a system of blocks generated with fonts of Microstation, but when migrating the files to autocad they appear as letters, there is a way to migrate the resources generated in microstation to autocad. these resources are files with * .rsc extension
    thank you again.

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