Online structural calculation, including drawings

Calculation Area is a site developed by Area de Cálculo, Diseño y Construcción S. de RL based in Madrid. As its name implies, it is a space for calculating structural design. en línea.

Let's look at an example:

I want to design an isolated footing; I go to the section “Structural Calculation Programs” and there I choose “Isolated Shoe”

structural calculation

calculation of concrete and steel So the panel of geometry It allows me to choose the dimensions of the footing, both the length, the width and the superelevation. I can also choose the dimensions of the pedestal or pilaster and concrete cover.

Then I can choose the density of the terrain, the type of concrete and steel.

In the section of armed, you can choose the type caliber of steel, both in the lower bed, as superior and reinforcement.

structures online Then in the loads you can choose the hypothesis coefficients and the result tab generates a memory of the calculations ... and to be more surprised, in the tab dibujo the plane with the specifications both in plant, as in cuts.

I recommend that you take a look, because there are good exercises not only for shoes, but for beams, columns, steel ... and more.

The applets are developed in the Java virtual machine, so it might suggest you upgrade it.

You can also see this demo posted on Youtube

Golgi Alvarez

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  1. Thank you very much for the recommendation. You can also download an evaluation copy of the shoe program.

    The Calculation Area team.

  2. because above all I want to tell you that this page is very interesting in a few words very complete for the information that is sought and it is of my pleasure ps it is very useful for all students in this profession

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