Bentley goes for real lighting

Earlier this year Bentley announced the acquisition of HevaComp, an English express CAD software developer specializing in Electrical Engineering. With this, Heva is placed in a better reach condition than to date it had barely managed to place itself in England, the United States and some European countries, always as an additional tool to CAD design, but without total integration since it was necessary to export its files to DXF with final results, without database connection that could only be done with your tool.

Although it must be admitted that in his field he was very good, generating graphs and reports related to the energy consumption of a building, the emission of gases, heat, security systems and many regulations related to the subject. Also the mechanical design, including ductwork, wiring, lighting, high voltage power and 3D animation.


Looking for Bentley

First of all, surely Bentley is completing its acquisition process of technologies for BIM integration intended by the 8.11 version known as Bentley Athens.

Then, an interesting aspect is the real time lighting. By this I mean, that to date most 3D animation tools handle lighting just like cameras do; not associated with an electrical design that reflects the lighting of the design but rather with presentation in mind.

Apparently, with this Bentley would be providing the real lighting, with which you can play with the number of lamps, voltage, savings due to non-artificial lighting, at the same time that it would be useful for the operational and constructive part of the electromechanical process.


What is Bentley doing with HevaComp

Today Christine Bayrn announced a permanent project of integration of a multidisciplinary team led by Noah Eckhouse to provide engineering, architecture and energy solutions under criteria of energy sustainability, with less emission of greenhouse gases ... maintaining the line of the new image presented last year of "Technologies with an environmental sustainability approach"

Commenting on the launch of the new group, CEO Greg Bentley said, “The creation of our new Building Performance Group underscores Bentley System's long-term commitment to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. It will make available a growing number of highly integrated, advanced software tools that architects, engineers, and low-carbon consultants can deploy to address the increasing demand for buildings designed with lifecycle performance in mind. These better-performing buildings will be more energy- and water-efficient, will emit less carbon waste, and will be safer to operate and work or live in. ”

It is likely that Bentley expects to sell this product with more than the "architectural" look of real lighting, and seeks to provide electrical engineering solutions integrated into both the design, construction and maintenance of safe buildings.

We will see what happens, for now on the HevaComp page, apart from announcing that it is owned by Bentley, there is an opportunity for a user of these products "good with the demo" to work for a good pay.

Hey Gregg, buy Manifold and we'll talk.

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