Archicad platform, an alternative to AutoCAD

  • GRAPHISOFT appoints Huw Roberts as Executive Director

    The former Bentley executive will lead the company's next phase of strategic growth; Viktor Várkonyi, outgoing CEO of GRAPHISOFT to head the Planning and Design Division of the Nemetschek Group. BUDAPEST, March 29, 2019 – GRAPHISOFT®,…

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  • How much software is worth in this blog?

    I've been writing about crazy technology topics for more than two years, usually software and its applications. Today I want to take the opportunity to analyze what it means to talk about software, in the hope of forming an opinion, doing…

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  • Comparison of CAD software

    Just as there is a comparison between the computer solutions for Geographic Information Systems GIS, there is also a similar table on Wikipedia for CAD tools oriented to what we know as AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) There is…

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  • File Extensions is a site that collects file extensions, has them categorized by application type, and which programs for both Windows and Mac can open them. You can do direct searches, such as .dwg, or also by…

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  • AutoDesk graduates file finder

    Before it was in the laboratory, but now it has been launched as a graduated product; is the file browser. It can be used for many purposes, including searching for blocks, 3D objects, BIM objects, and best of all…

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  • Happy 29 of February, summary of the month

    Well, the end of the month has arrived shorter but leap year. Here is a summary of what was published in 29 hard days between travel and work... I hope March is better. Tricks for cartography Convert UTM coordinates to geographic coordinates with Excel Convert from Geographic…

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  • Excel template to convert from Geographic Coordinates to UTM

    This template makes it easy to convert geographic coordinates in degrees, minutes, and seconds to UTM coordinates. 1. How to enter the data The data must be processed in an excel sheet, so that it comes in the format that is…

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  • ArchiCAD, a free CAD software for students and teachers

    ArchiCAD is a CAD platform that has been on the market for a long time, although initially it was a version for mac, it was not until 1987 that version 3.1 was known. If you remember, ArchiCAD 3.1 was already competing against AutoCAD 2.6 in 1987,…

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  • 27 Years of Microstation

    We recently talked about the arrival of AutoCAD at 25 years old and the 6 lessons learned from its history. Because Microstation is one of the CAD platforms with great competition in this market, and by the way one of the few…

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