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  • What to do if an iPad is stolen

    Well, the subject may be obvious, but sooner or later you need to know what to do when your iPad is stolen. And while some aspects apply to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iMac, I want to take advantage of customizing it in honor of…

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  • BlogPad - WordPress Editor for iPad

    I've finally found an editor that I'm happy with since the iPad. Despite WordPress being the dominant blogging platform, where there are high-quality templates and plugins, the difficulty of finding a good editor has always been…

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  • Gis kit gis pro

    GIS Pro The best GIS application for iPad?

    Last week I was talking with a Canadian friend who was telling me about the experience they have had using GIS Pro in cadastral survey processes. We have almost come to the conclusion that although there are other tools, from what…

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  • Bentley mobile

    Bentley: Applications for mobile and users - in DGN-

    The sustainability of the positioning that companies that provide tools for Geo-engineering have had lies in their innovation and adaptability to technological innovations. The positioning is very noticeable, in the way in which their corporate communication sells…

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  • MundoGEO Magazine now on tablets

    MundoGEO, the most representative company in the geospatial field in the Latin American communication area, has launched two applications so that MundoGEO magazine can be viewed from mobile devices, both with Apple iOS and Android. Just in this...

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  • The Global Positioning System as a science fair project

    My son's science fair has returned, and after several discussions with the teacher about possible projects, they have finally approved one with which he jumped almost a meter with joy... I almost both of them because it's...

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  • 3 magazines, 10 new geofumadas of August

    At least three magazines this month have come with interesting articles for the geospatial environment, and some of our geek hobbies, below I suggest 10 topics for your moments of healthy reading. Geoinformatics My favorite within a…

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  • GIS Kit, finally something good for the iPad

    Finally I see a really attractive application for iPad aimed at capturing GIS data in the field. The tool has potential for many things, and leaves applications that I have tested such as GaiaGPS, GIS4Mobile, ArcGIS for iPad and…

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  • Tips to get accustomed to the virtual keyboard of the Ipad

    Nothing better than the Zagg keyboard to work on the Ipad, which incidentally has already shown me that it serves as a shock absorber for a one-meter fall on concrete. But walking it is not always a grace, so here...

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  • 3 magazines, 3 themes

    Just today PC Magazine has arrived, the digital edition of July 2011. I take this opportunity to promote a topic that has entertained me here in this almost irreversible evolution of returning to do almost everything with our nails. I also promote tips at the end…

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  • How To Capture The Ipad Screen

    We live in fast food times, everything is on the go, modular, scalable and relatively relevant. So much so that we learn things on the fly. After almost six months of using the Ipad, it occurred to me…

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  • How to pass files from the Ipad to the PC

    Working on tablets is a practice that we will have to get used to, because it is a fairly irreversible trend. In this case we will see how to resolve the matter of passing data between the PC and the Ipad with at least three options…

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  • Blogsy, for Blogs from an IPad

    Looks like I've finally found a decent iPad app that allows you to blog without much pain. Until now I had been trying BlogPress and the official WordPress one, but I think Blogsy is the one to choose when it comes to editing…

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  • Gaia GPS, to capture GPS, Ipad and mobile routes

      I have downloaded an application for the Ipad that has left me more than satisfied, in the need I had to do tracking with a GPS to later view it online or with Google Earth. Is about…

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  • PC Magazine, moving to the digital version

    Some time ago the English version of this magazine had retired, and although the Spanish version announced it, the supermarket windows continued to display copies. Finally, after a couple of months of asking I have arrived…

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  • The 2 Ipad, From our perspective

    Yesterday was a very exciting day for fans of Apple technology, especially current and potential users of Ipad tablets. Despite the fact that the keywords that today saturate the search engines on the subject are asking about criticism of…

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  • Waiting for the 2 Ipad

    It's funny, but a good portion of mobile platform users are waiting for what will be shown in a few hours. With the positioning that Apple has on mobiles, we would have to see what happens: Tom Cook...

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  • Google Docs can now read dxf files

    Just a few days ago Google expanded its range of file support for Google Docs. Previously you could hardly see Office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Although it is only read, Google demonstrates its insistence on giving…

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