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5 agreements regarding the political crisis

I have tried to keep this blog apart from issues that lead to subjectivity and provoke the soul to be torn by particular opinions (except football); But living a few years, working others, almost being born there and developing friendships with many natives has made at least dedicate a post to line the subject.

I am referring to the case of Honduras, where the state of apparent democratic peace for many years is about to end unless something supernatural happens. In an image of 450 pixels, it is barely visible on the map, only 2% of the visitors in recent days have come to this blog from that country, even so it is the ninth country.


Honduras lived in the shadow of the coups d'état for almost the whole of the last century, say the experts in the field (by living it and not by knowing it) that in this country 3 deaths are enough for a coup to take place. The international media are broadcasting what they have been able to understand best, you have to be here to understand it (if you can that).

Without trying to be an ideologist, aware that the policy is not compatible with the dwg format, here are five agreements:

1. The main culprit is corruption

In all our Latin American countries this has been a virus that has damaged the confidence in our politicians, we also wondered if there are corrupt people who could make important changes for the sake of the majority.

No one can deny that deep down there is a list of politicians who have been sucking on the state's tit for 30 years, and will continue there for 30 more, inheriting their surname from their children. That happens all over the world, but it is also corruption and it is closing the opportunity to non-political people who have a lot to contribute… and even if they don't believe it, they could have better ideas.

2. There is a social debt, which must be paid

Speaking with friends, who have very good economic conditions, they themselves recognize that there is a great social debt to pay. This situation sooner or later explodes, and people are willing to take the opportunity.

I am a supporter of social causes in a country where the great majority have been eating mT3rda, a pity that the leadership models of the left are terrible examples to follow. But social upheavals are necessary for changes, what should have happened, someone must pay the social debt ... someday; We just hope it doesn't cost the 72,000 dead in El Salvador.

In the end it is necessary to happen to bring about changes.

3. The Facebook generation must come

But we are all aware that the new generations must emerge, and not the heirs of their parents' politics. It is terrible to see that after two days, there is no contingency, only good intentions, but no clear plans.

Given this, new leaderships must emerge, they must take advantage of the situation to create contingency, make plans without despairing and make their way without losing the credibility of the majority. You will have the opportunity to assume power in your time, but once there, do not forget that you are the Facebook generation (to give them a name).

4. Nobody has the absolute truth

I do not want to fall into the same error, there will never be an absolute truth in this, because if we go to the bottom, everyone is to blame; some for acting, others for not doing it, some for letting themselves be handled, others for believing that they are so enlightened that everyone else is wrong. But in the end, there are principles commonly accepted by all, these must be followed while they are in force, aware that over time they will be obsolete because democratic models are dynamic.

5. The two ends do not have a solution

One extreme defends social causes, the other defends sovereignty, one claims to be in the name of the people, the other claims to be the people, one says they are leaving, the other wants to arrive. But both extremes do not seem to show a solution or have proven to be.

Conservative blowouts and radical extremes on the left are not a solution. Countries require more long-term planning with the discipline of the one who prefers to give in so that everyone wins, rather than firefighting actions to fit in with what "my mind" says I must please.


The last year I spent a week in Bolivia, Right in the time of the rebellion of Santa Cruz, so that I could see that the truths of the international media did not look much like the people in the same place; A week next to a American middle class, and what he thinks of Obama and his country is another story; I was about to be orphaned when Farabundo Martí's war forced me to flee; I spent several years working for someone who spent his free time writing a vision of a country, without having plans to be president.

So when my Spanish friends asked me what was happening in the Facebook chat, I had serious doubts whether to tell them what I thought or refer them to the press who have the extreme truths. Because if I understand something, it is that in this life, no one has the absolute truth ... except me.

Just ideal.

And so?

I could put myself aside, and hide behind 985 words of this post, recognizing that while some suffer the crisis looking for a strategy that outstrips the other side, I could go to run 45 minutes, with my son's Ipod, take an adrenaline rush , Spend paying the endless fee of my credit card, listen to the opinions of the media and calm back to my house where my children were waiting to play with the Wii.

The thing is, I do not feel right anymore.

If you are going to act, do it by your principles, I am a technological poet, not an ideologue. But you do not need advice on what to do.

Follow your ideals.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Congratulations on the post.
    I personally believe in the power of Education. It is a very long-term planting. The strategy would be like this: We endure several more decades (I speak in the plural as Latin American since the processes are similar in all countries) of somewhat corrupt rulers (we always elect the least corrupt). Whoever is the current ruler, WE WILL SICK THEIR HEAD to improve education budgets, the quality of teachers, the infrastructure of schools, the free public University, the State Research Bodies, private money for education and research, etc etc…
    In a few decades, with an EDUCATED popular mass, simply the corrupt will be more observed, the thief, more exposed and the liar, exposed. Everything will get better. FREE EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE ... (what politician can be against in the middle of the campaign? ... of course, then you have to remind him of what he said ..)
    Greetings and good luck to the people of Honduras.

  2. Something new should emerge from this shock. He had hopes that with the prosecutors' strike a group would come out that would gain credibility, and unfortunately they stole the errand without them realizing it.

    But you have to be optimistic, people are tired of the same, although the only reaction that makes them seek solutions is the social upheaval.

  3. Well, Master Alvarez, I escaped from my work for a while to write a little about the 4 URNA, which has brought the country to the brink of collapse and that without a doubt the most affected are not the ENTREPRENEURS or the REVOLUTIONARIES because both groups have money, residences, properties outside of Honduras, the most affected are us, the PEOPLE who work daily to bring daily bread to our homes. What had to happen, yes, and it seems that the day has come, but who to believe? the businessmen who have kept us submerged in this poverty or the MELISTAS who have wiped out all the resources to invest in infrastructure to promote their whims and remain in power, who assures me what will happen in the future... Things are bad and not We know how it will end at this time, but that Poverty and Corruption will continue, whoever is left will continue... In this period of Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, almost 90% to be a conservator of civil works projects, you get them if you give a You give employees a premium or you negotiate them low, if they continue we will be in the same situation and if the Businessmen take control again we will continue with workers and professionals receiving starvation wages and managing the governments of the day. WHAT SOLUTION DO YOU OFFER ME? THIS HARD TRUTH

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