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3D World Map, an educational atlas

3D World Map It comes to remind us of those spheres that were used in school, although its capacity goes beyond that. It is a globe that contains much more data than the globe and atlas could fit, it also includes with the tool a movie screen saver that can play mp3 music in the background.

3d world map

3D World Map Capabilities

  • It contains more than 30,000 records of cities and countries, containing their geographic coordinates and population data. You also agree to have more data added to it.
  • You have the option of activating the day or night, and according to the system time it shows how it would look. In the case of the part of the world that is at night, the night illumination is shown.
  • It can be seen in full screen, window and also in floating balloon with everything else transparent
  • Distances can be measured, and metric units accepted.
  • It brings some sample theming, but colors and transparency of different data such as oceans, atmosphere, elevation, etc. can be configured to taste. The latter can be exaggerated by making an interesting visualization.
    3d world map


Very practical, the control tools are floating and can be located anywhere in the space.

Locations can be saved by assigning them a keypad number. Convenient for moving between places of interest.

It has movements of turn, displacement, approach and blocking of the north. Unfortunately changing these is not so practical, being able to have them integrated into the mouse + ctrl buttons, you have to use the right button for some transitions.

3d world map


Not bad for an application that barely weighs 6 MB, the data it has come from sources such as:

gtopo30, Micro World Data Bank, the World Gazetteer, The CIA World Fact Book 2002, 2004, Blue Marble

As a trial version it comes with basic layers, but the premium version allows you to download up to 30MB of geographic data. Interesting enough for educational purposes, the paid version is around $ 29.

Download 3D World Map

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