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10 Geofumadas and a recommendation

This week I'll be on the road again. I leave you 10 readings while I return ... oh, and a recommendation.

images About Technologies

  • Hugo Chavez is afraid of the mouse
  • Centromujer, A great blog for women is born. And what a design!
  • LULA, free software For Hispanic universities


imagesAbout Geospatial Software

  • GeoViewer 3.0, the Free viewer From Lizardtech
  • The 3 update of AutoCAD 2009, Many bugs fixed
  • 5 basic things that Manifold 9.0 should include
  • Connect AutoCAD with Access via ODBC, eye, it is done from the 2000 version


imagesAbout Google Earth

  • Zapatag, to find the Bad drivers at Google
  • GoogleMapsMania shows us some of the best we've seen Google Earth In the Where 2.0
  • GoogleMaps shows alternative routes



imagesItacas, that great blog that has left me impressed with his discipline to write, this time he talks about the maps Panoramic from the American Library of Congress. And it also shows us some of the software FaceShop4.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Hello Gabriel, the link is interesting, I'll take a look and maybe do a review of that web because it has many useful resources.

    all the best

  2. Hi, how are you, as always, your blog is fantastic, I follow it day by day, I give you a contribution with respect to connecting Acad with Access in this web page you can download the article “ASSOCIAÇÃO DE UM BANK DE DADOS LIKE AUTOCAD: ADVANTAGES FOR THE TERRITORIAL INFORMATION SYSTEM” is good and easy.
    I'll tell you that I use the program “sokkia_io” (it's in your note on the netbook) to download data from my collectors, an HP48gx and an Ipaq h3630, and it works very well.

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